Ted Cruz: The Stakes

Ted Cruz is surging in the polls!

A Texas Tribune/UT poll released yesterday shows U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz surging in the polls and suggests he is headed to a runoff with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst! Dewhurst leads with 38% followed by Cruz at 27%. Although Dewhurst has held statewide office for 14 years and has universal name ID in Texas, he is far from closing in on the 50% needed to avoid a runoff that would heavily favor Cruz.
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Ted Cruz at CPAC and Huge Straw Poll Win!

Check out Ted this past weekend at CPAC as he speaks about the incredible grassroots momentum his campaign has enjoyed and how it will carry him to victory:

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Obama Birth Control Mandate Takes Assault on Constitution, Religious Liberty to New Heights

By Ted Cruz, Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate for US Senate in Texas

President Obama’s contraception mandate on religious organizations captures several aspects of his far-left ideology: 1) his assault on the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment; 2) his disdain for religious liberty, and 3) his aggressive consolidation of federal power.
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