ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Laurel Lee, Cory Mills & Maria Elvira Salazar for Congress in Florida

For Immediate Release: September 23, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of three excellent Congressional candidates: Laurel Lee in Florida’s 15thCongressional District, Cory Mills in Florida’s 7th Congressional District, and Maria Elvira Salazar in Florida’s 27thCongressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Thanks to the strong leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, Republicans have a golden opportunity to win additional seats in Florida to enable the end of the liberal regime of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  We are pleased to support three candidates with excellent chances of winning their election to Congress: Laurel Lee, Cory Mills, and Maria Elvira Salazar. They are all strong conservative candidates who will champion our Tea Party principles to reduce the size and scope of government and return power to the people. 

“With Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies, we need strong conservative allies like Laurel Lee, Cory Mills, and Maria Elvira Salazar in Congress to help push back against the radical erosion of our freedoms by Democrats in Congress. 

Laurel Lee, Florida’s 15th Congressional District. “Laurel Lee is a conservative powerhouse who has dedicated her career to serving the people of Florida. 

Laurel Lee, Congressional Candidate

“Most recently, she was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to serve as Florida’s Secretary of State where she worked tirelessly to ensure election integrity in Florida.  Previously, she served as both a Circuit Court Judge and federal prosecutor where she worked to provide a safe environment for Florida residents, and swiftly prosecuted criminals who exploited children. 

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. 11/3/20-Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee talks about the progress of the general election during a news conference Tuesday morning in Tallahassee. COLIN HACKLEY PHOTO

“Like most Floridians, Laurel is fed up with tax-and-spend liberals in Congress like Speaker Nancy Pelosi who continue to rob Florida taxpayers of their hard-earned dollars in order to embark on a leftist spending spree.  Laurel is committed to lowering taxes and cutting wasteful spending in order to promote economic growth to allow Floridians to enjoy their God-given freedoms without government intervention.

Laurel Lee, Congressional Candidate

“With skyrocketing gas prices at the pump and record-high inflation, it’s clear the failed policies of President Joe Biden are harming our economy and endangering our American sovereignty. Laurel understands the necessity of energy independence, and she’s committed to bringing back and supporting projects like the Keystone Pipeline so America isn’t dependent on hostile nations to meet our energy needs. 

Laurel Lee, Congressional Candidate

Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Laurel Lee in her Congressional campaign, and we are confident she’ll fight back against liberals in Congress like Nancy Pelosi to rein in wasteful spending, stop massive tax increases, and restore freedom back to the people of Florida. 

Cory Mills, Florida’s 7th Congressional District. “Cory Mills is a true American patriot who is determined to put forth an America First agenda to restore our nation to our Constitutional principles that make America shine. 

Cory Mills, Congressional Candidate

“As an Army combat veteran, Cory received a Bronze Star for his service to our nation.  While serving as a member of the Joint Special Operations Command, Cory was struck with an improvised explosive device (IED) not once, but twice, and survived. 

“His bravery and desire to protect our nation will be an asset to Congress, and with only 91 Members of Congress having ever served in the military, it’s crucial we elect patriots like Cory who understand firsthand the dangers and challenges America faces from overseas threats. 

Cory Mills, Congressional Candidate

“After serving abroad, Cory was appointed by former President Donald Trump to the Pentagon as a Department of Defense advisor and foreign policy expert.  Now, he’s continuing on his journey to protect the people of Florida by running for Congress to push back against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s extreme agenda. 

Cory Mills, Congressional Candidate

Cory firmly believes power belongs to “we the people,” not out-of-touch bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who are only concerned with lining their own pockets and ramming through their pet spending projects at the expense of hard-working Americans.

Cory Mills, Congressional Candidate

“With President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to portray patriots as “extreme,” the only extreme thing this election cycle are Democrats who think they can continue spending taxpayer dollars while racking up a national debt that can never be repaid without crippling effects on our economy and future generations.

Cory Mills, Congressional Candidate

“Without hesitation, I’m confident Cory will hit the ground running and help restore fiscal sanity to bring back American prosperity to the people of Florida, and we are pleased to give him our endorsement.

Maria Elvira Salazar, Florida’s 27th Congressional District. Maria Elvira Salazar has been a leading voice in Congress to speak out on the dangerous anti-freedom policies liberals like Speaker Nancy Pelosi try to force on Floridians. 

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar

“As the daughter of two Cuban immigrants who fled a communist regime, Maria Elvira Salazar grew to appreciate the freedom that America offers to all of those in pursuit of the American Dream. 

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar

Maria went on to pursue her own American dream, rising to the top of her field in journalism and reporting all over the world, covering everything from the Salvadoran Civil War to the Castro communist regime in Cuba.  She used her voice and influence to speak out about the dangers of Communist Cuba and the havoc Fidel Castro’s policies had on the Cuban people.

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar

“Realizing America was heading down the same dangerous path, she ran for Congress, and once elected, she continued to use her voice to speak out against the ‘romantic idea’ of socialism that liberals like Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden continue to promote.

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar

Maria Elvira Salazar knows firsthand the dangers of big-government policies and socialism, which gives her the unique opportunity to call out liberals who coerce Americans to rely on government to control their lives.

Representative Maria Salazar

“Now more than ever, we need bold leaders like Maria Elvira Salazar to stand up to liberals in Congress and say, ‘enough is enough.’  We are proud to support Maria Elvira Salazar for re-election to Congress and are confident she’ll continue to champion our Tea Party principles to cut the size of government and restore American prosperity,” Russo concluded.

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