Tea Party Express Issues Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Speech

Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo issued this statement today in advance of President Obama’s speech:

“President Obama’s performance so far has amounted to a succession of lofty speeches backed up by little substance, and he seems to be embarking on a similar path of proposals for more government and more spending. His contribution to the difficult debt ceiling debate was a speech in which he told Americans to “eat their peas.” In February Obama told the nation that jobs were his number one priority. Yet last month, not one single American job was added. Not surprisingly, the President’s solution is yet another speech with old, unworkable solutions.

“Despite his rhetoric, Obama has repeatedly failed to deliver a plan with substance or meaningful action, but continually threatens those doing the real work with higher taxes and more government regulation. In speech after speech, the president disparages plans put forth to grow the economy, yet has failed to actually put pen to paper and submit a tangible document himself. The single notable exception was his disastrous budget proposal, which failed to garner even a single vote in Harry Reid’s Democrat-led Senate.

“When real action is needed, President Obama seems to always have other priorities. He has had ample time for golf and numerous vacations while free trade agreements with Panama, South Korea, and Columbia that were carefully negotiated during the Bush Administration have sat languishing for years, while he pandered to liberal special interests at the expense of growing our economy

“We at the Tea Party Express realize that Obama will continue his pattern of failure, and the only answer is for the tea party movement to work hard to put a capable conservative in the White House in November 2012.”