National Tea Party Express Rolls Through Utah, Heads to Wyoming Today!

Large Rally in Cheyenne, WY Today

The Tea Party Express is on the road with another “Rolling 4th of July” tea party tour! Last weekend the group launched a 30-city Presidential Tour themed “Reclaiming America,” which will hold conservative rallies – some featuring presidential candidates – from coast to coast.

Today the group will hold a large tea party rally in Cheyenne featuring “Across America” radio host Gary Freeman, Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer, comedian Jim Labriola, Nevada Republican Senate Nominee Sharron Angle, and many more. The Audience will also be treated to musical performances from Mr. Lloyd Marcus, the Rivoli Revue, Diana Nagy, and Polatik.

Rally Today, August 29th:

Cheyenne, WY: 4:00pm-5:30pm
Cheyenne Depot Plaza
121 W. 15th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

The Tea Party Express is searching for the best presidential candidate to champion tea party ideals of fiscal responsibility, support for free markets and limited, efficient government. As the tour crosses the country, presidential candidates will attend to address the tea party audience. The grand finale is the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate in Tampa, FL on September 12th.