Tea Party Express National Tour Launches from Napa, CA on Saturday!

“Reclaiming America” bus tour will hold tea party rallies in 29 cities, span 17 days

The Tea Party Express is making final preparations to launch their fifth national tour that will bring conservative rallies to 29 cities across the country. Billed “Reclaiming America,” the latest tour will feature conservative singers, speakers, and entertainers, as well as local elected officials and candidates. The tour will help put a spotlight on the failed policies of the Obama administration, and call for a return to fiscal responsibility, more efficient government, and free market principles.

The tour kicks off with a “Super Rally” this Saturday August 27th, at the Napa Valley Expo at 11am. From there the caravan will head east, to culminate on September 12th in Tampa, FL for the historic Tea Party Presidential Debate, hosted by CNN and Tea Party Express.

The upcoming Tea Party Express tour will spend extra time visiting early primary states such as New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina, and has invited presidential candidates to join the rallies and speak to the tea party audience. Further details on other special guests joining the tour will be released in the coming days.