Update on Tea Party Express Press Conference

*Please Note Location Change Below*

Tea Party Express joined tea party activists to denounce “tea party” fraud Jack Davis and endorse conservative candidate Jane Corwin for the NY-26 Congressional Seat at a press conference today in Rochester.

The Tea Party Express will join TEA New York and Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino to hold a second press conference today in Buffalo at 2:00PM. The press conferences will clearly reveal Jack Davis as a big-government supporting liberal who only wishes to split the Republican vote and gain a House seat for Democrats.

Members of the press & local tea party activists are encouraged to attend.

Press Conference Schedule for Monday, May 16th:

WHERE: Corwin Campaign HQ
8234 Transit Road, Buffalo, NY 14221
WHEN: 2:00PM
WHO: Speakers include: Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer, TEA New York Representative Rus Thompson, former Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, Primary Challenge founder Leonard Roberto, and others.