Tea Party Express Endorsing Candidate to Defeat Senator Ben Nelson

The Tea Party Express will hold a press conference on Wednesday to endorse a conservative candidate for Senate in the Nebraska senate race.

Earlier this year, the Tea Party Express announced Senator Ben Nelson as a top target for defeat, citing his history of support for massive government spending and his decisive vote for ObamaCare in direct opposition to the will of the American people. Our message to Ben Nelson is, “You failed, so you’re fired!” We are now proud to endorse a man who will stand up for tea party principles and remain accountable to his constituents.

“In 2010, the Tea Party Express poured millions of dollars into highly successful campaigns that helped conservative candidates defeat their liberal opponents and take back the House. We continue this reputation as an aggressive champion for fiscal responsibility and limited government by helping conservatives take back the Senate in 2012.” Said Amy Kremer, Chairman of Tea Party Express.

Members of the media and tea party supporters are encouraged to attend the press conference, where further details will be revealed.

When: Wednesday May 11th, 9AM
Where: National Press Club, Washington DC