First-Ever Tea Party Town Hall Announced!

Members of Congress from House and Senate will attend

The Tea Party Express, one of the largest national tea party groups, is once again teaming up with new media experts Tea Party HD to host a first-ever Tea Party Town Hall that will bring members of Congress together with tea party activists nationwide for an interactive forum on tea party issues.

The Tea Party Town Hall will use cutting-edge technology to connect tea party supporters across the nation with elected leaders who are supportive of the movement.

This unique event that will feature a live studio audience as well as many thousands of participants who will watch and participate online via Twitter, Facebook, and webcam that will participate in a discussion forum where tea party activists express their concerns, ask questions, and share ideas.

The Town Hall will be broadcast live at and

Already confirmed are Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, as well as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congressman Steve King. All are part of their own Tea Party Caucuses that were recently formed in the House and Senate.

“We very excited to bring events like this to our members and supporters. By ensuring concerned citizens are on the same page with our elected officials, we can find new ways to work together in advancing an agenda that will help put America on the right track. The issues we’ll be discussing are primarily the tea party ideals of Constitutionally limited government, support for private enterprise, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility,” said Tea Party Express Chairman, Amy Kremer.

Town Hall Details:

When: February 8th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: National Press Club, Conference Room