CPAC – The Tea Party Visits DC

Last weekend, I attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with thousands of Tea Party activists in Washington. The energy in the air to defeat Barack Obama and take back the United States Senate was incredible! It was great to see so many friends and activists dedicated to taking our country back.

Speakers like Senator Jim Demint (SC), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN) and Herman Cain fired up the crowd with their vision to create jobs and turn the economy around. Even presidential candidates Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Rick Santorum and Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke at the conference regarding the need to reign in spending and restore liberty. Fiscal conservatives both young and old applauded non-stop when these great leaders addressed the audience.

In the exhibition area, many conservative organizations had booths with information for attendees. Groups like Americans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity and the Heritage Foundation answered questions for activists looking to get more involved. Even the Tea Party Express had a booth! During the day, Alexandra Russo, Taylor Budowich and I talked with hundreds of conference goers about the Tea Party Express and our plans for 2012.

Tea Party Express at CPAC

Taylor Budowich Talks to Activist at CPAC

On Saturday, I spoke on a panel titled “Taking Back Wall Street: The Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street.” I was joined by Jennifer Stefano (Americans for Prosperity), Kevin Jackson (Black Sphere), Dana Loesch (Big Journalism) and Ryan Hecker (FreedomWorks & Contract from America). On the panel we talked about how the Tea Party has superior ideas and more persistent activists than OWS. We will not back down!

CPAC Panel 2012 courtesy of Stella Lohmann

CPAC Panel ~ Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

CPAC is just the beginning of the 2012 election season. The excitement to take back the White House is amazing and nothing is going to stop us!