A Response to President Obama’s Osawatomie, KS Speech

Tea Party Express Confronts “Fallacies of the Obama Doctrine”

Sacramento, CA – The Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest and most successful tea party political action committee, voiced strong objections to President Obama’s December 6th speech, calling it “a desperate attempt to polarize America with provocative class warfare rhetoric.”

Chairman of the Tea Party Express Amy Kremer said, “while President Obama is trying to position himself as a champion of the middle class, he is really advocating policies that will make it worse and only hurt the people he claims to be helping.  His solution for every problem is increased government spending, more government regulation and higher taxes on job providers, none of which will help grow the economy and put people back to work.

“Overtaxing the business leaders and companies who provide jobs in this country will only cause them to lay-off workers or move their businesses out of the country, hurting the middle class and American prosperity.  Our economy is suffering because of a lack of confidence in the policies of this Administration, and the federal government needs to adopt pro-growth policies to spur on investment and job creation.

“News flash to Washington politicians: you don’t create jobs; the American people do. In the private sector, ordinary Americans start businesses and hire people. All that is needed is that the government leaves our money in our pockets and gets out of the way, ending excessive and burdensome regulation.

“The Tea Party movement started from the frustration with the federal government’s reckless and excessive spending and out-of-control national deficit.  We have spent all that we can and are now borrowing against our children’s futures from countries like China.  Obama’s speech does nothing to address these ever-present problems – in fact, it makes them worse.

“The Tea Party Express has continuously advocated for Washington, D.C. to create an environment where business owners and companies are encouraged to hire more and invest more, not one that drives them out of the country.  If more government spending, higher deficits and more regulation were the answer to our economic problems, we would be doing great under Obama and Greece would be a world superpower. Instead we have quadrupled our national debt and have no job creation to show for it – oh, and Greece is bankrupt.

“As the budget battle continues in D.C., the Tea Party Express has promised to keep the pressure on both the Republicans and Democrats, reminding them of the 2010 elections and promising that if the country’s debt and deficit problems aren’t fixed with serious cuts, then they will face angry voters in 2012.