From The Road on Tea Party Express: Englewood Jerk Protester

By Lloyd Marcus

The patriots in Englewood Florida were excited and fired up when our Tea Party Express tour bus rolled into their town. Our rally was enthusiastic, upbeat and hopeful that real leadership needed to move America forward will be restored in November.

Unlike the Democrats who have accused our troops of being rapists and murders, Tea Party Express celebrates and honors our military. Each of our rallies ends with a military tribute in which we feature Gold Star Mom, Debbie Lee.

Debbie’s decorated son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first U.S. Navy seal killed in Iraq.

At our rally in Englewood Florida, while Debbie was sharing the heart-wrenching compelling story about how her son sacrificed his life to save his fellow troops, an anti-war protester came forward and stood along side the stage with anti-war signs. Debbie said she watched the audience’s eyes leave her and focus on the protester.

Thank God testosterone is not totally dead in America. Ray, our bus driver was infuriated by the timing of this jerk’s decision to come to the front of the crowd. Ray stormed over to the guy and got in his face. Ray DID NOT touch the protester. Then, Ray turned around facing the audience blocking their view of the protester. The guy kept trying to push pass Ray. But, at 6’3, 250lbs, pushing pass Ray is a Herculean task.

Ray’s leadership sparks other patriots, men and women, to come forward, forming a fence which blocked the frustrated protester from the crowd. Debbie continued her extremely moving story.

If only our Commander-in-Wimp had the cojones of Ray, the bus driver.

Debbie Lee has been dealing with attacks on her from the anti-war crowd for years. Years ago, when Debbie organized a troop support rally in her hometown, Cindy Sheehan tried to have Debbie arrested for in-sighting a riot. Did Debbie Lee bash the fellow Gold Star Mom, Ms Sheehan, for leading numerous campaigns to trash our military? No. Showing remarkable class, compassion and restraint, Debbie’s response was, “Grief is a strange thing. I will not judge her.”

In honor of her fallen hero son, Debbie Lee founded,, a non-profit which provides aid and comfort to the families of our fallen heroes. Please check it out.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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