Tea Party Praises Congress for Exposing Obama’s Irresponsible Flight Delays

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, praised Congress today for quickly exposing President Obama and his administration’s irresponsible budget cuts that purposely caused an increased number of flight delays.

Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “President Obama was willfully inconveniencing travelers and intentionally inflicting damage to our national’s economy with this obvious political stunt. It’s just like his mishandling of the cancellation of White House tours. The simple truth is that sequestration is based on President Obama’s own plan, but unfortunately, the White House would rather score political points than find savings in a bloated bureaucracy.

“We concur totally in the judgment of Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa), who said ‘I think we all agree the FAA and the administration has handled the sequester poorly. The FAA has negotiated in bad faith with the FAA employees, the airlines, the flying public and the Congress, and the administration has played shameful politics with sequestration at the cost of hard-working American families.’

“The action by the Senate and House was unnecessary as more responsible budget cuts were available. If this “fig leaf” is what is needed to fix the problem, we are glad the Congress acted and put the burden back on President Obama to act responsibly.

“The Obama Administration decided to cut one of the Federal Aviation Administration’s most vital components instead of looking at the well-documented waste in the department’s budget. There are potential savings in the FAA’s $2.7 billion in non-personnel operations costs that should have been looked at before one air traffic controller is furloughed. In the real world, people make budget decisions that cause the least suffering. Why can’t the White House do the same thing?

“We need to get our spending and debt under control. The President has replaced responsible fiscal management with reckless action, and the public is well aware of the better alternatives of cutting waste, duplication and inefficiency in government programs. Hurting the public deliberately to create a false need for tax increases is not fooling anyone,” Russo concluded.