Cokie’s Racism Charge: Black Tea Leader Retorts

By Lloyd Marcus

Cokie Roberts recently calling the Tea Party racist is tired and unfounded. As a black man who has been actively involved since its inception, I have been refuting this evil liberal/Democrat lie for 5 years.

I have over 400 tea party rallies under my belt after several national bus tours on Tea Party Express, Our Country Deserves Better and Conservative Campaign Committee. Thus, I am extremely qualified to testify to the tone and personality of Tea Party rallies. Cokie Roberts and others who brand the movement with a hot iron “R” for racist are either clueless or have a vested interest in promoting their divisive false narrative.

Allow me to tell you about a few of the folks; true freedom-fighter patriots I have met at rallies across America.

My first rally was in Orlando, attended by 6,000 mostly middle-aged whites. Upon coming out on stage to perform my original “Tea Party Anthem” song, without forethought I proclaimed, “Hello my fellow Americans. I am NOT an African-American. I am Lloyd Marcus…AMERICAN!” The audience erupted with cheers and applause.

After the rally, I was approached by several attendees, some with tears rolling down their cheeks, who thanked me. They felt that hyphenating divides us. Would racists desire all races to be unified as Americans?

A dirty little secret which the Democrats do not want exposed is that a large percentage of the Tea Party proudly cast their vote for the first black president. Obama’s liberal socialist/progressive vow to “fundamentally transform America” birthed the Tea Party.

An encounter at a rally in Traverse City Michigan humbled me. A wheelchair bound white woman yelled, “Oh my gosh, there is Lloyd Marcus! I read your columns and play your music. May I have a picture and autograph?” Of course, I complied. The woman’s daughter confided in a staffer, “My mom is dying. She said all she wanted to do was to meet Lloyd Marcus.” Does this terminally ill tea party attendee sound like a redneck racist repulsed by a black man occupying the Oval Office?

At a rally in Texas I was approached by a white tall thin central-casting looking cowboy pushing a double stroller with two black babies. The proud new papa and his wife who was also white had recently adopted the babies from Africa. “We asked God to give us children who need our love.” Do you think this cowboy wants to see “blacks hanging on a tree” which a Congressional Black Caucus member has charged is the desire of Tea Party attendees?

I could go on and on recounting experiences which denounce the Democrats’ and mainstream media’s slanderous lie about the Tea Party.

Over the years, I have come to the realization that the facts/truth are irrelevant to liberals and racists. Calling it racist to oppose Obama implementing his European style socialist/progressive agenda is liberal’s/Democrat’s ultimate trump card which they are not about to give up.

Nothing silences and sends white conservatives/Republicans running to the tall grass for cover like trumped-up charges of racism.

This is why liberals/Democrats so frequently lie, playing their race card.

I lost respect for a black Christian minister, friend and mentor of 30 years. Placing his idolatry of Obama and socialism above all else, he lied. He swore to me that he heard a sound bite on CNN in which Sarah Palin and others were yelling at a tea party rally, “Kill him!” referring to Obama. Folks, I assure you this is a lie from the pits of hell. Not only is it uncharacteristic, neither violent nor racist speech would be tolerated.

Sarah Palin is number one on the liberal mainstream media’s excrement list. If footage existed of her encouraging the assassination of the president existed, it would have been broadcast 24/7; gone viral.

And yet, this is the kind of unchallenged vile hate-filled trash being fed to the black community about patriotic, decent and good white Americans who are merely fighting to save their country; restoring it to the vision of our founding Fathers.

A while ago on CNN, I called out NAACP president Ben Jealous for his easily confirmed to be a lie accusation about the Tea Party. Jealous claimed to have seen tea party rally signs that read, “Lynch Barack Hussein Obama” and “Lynch Eric Holder”. OK, Ben, show us the signs. Again, such signs, if they existed, would have surely gone viral; widely circulated by the media. To date, no one has seen the signs other than Ben Jealous. This man is a despicable liar shamefully and purposely ginning up hate.

Black civil rights leader, Julian Bond said the Tea Party is “admittedly racist”. Unlike the complicit liberal media, I would ask Mr Bond to substantiate his claim. Show us the article, video, tweet or whatever. Bond can not produce evidence because Bond lied!

Attempting to convince, compromise or find common ground with racist hate-filled socialist/progressive zealots is absurd. This evil simply must be defeated.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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