Steve Daines for U.S. Senate

By Donlyn Turnbull

For years now Obama and the Democrats have desperately clung the moniker of moving America “forward”, but with Americans losing their freedom over their healthcare choices, continued high unemployment and out-of-control spending in Washington, it’s difficult to see how they consider it moving “forward” at all. As a matter of fact, it sounds backwards to us.

That’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing Steve Daines from Montana for the U.S. Senate because he represents what real forward motion means.

Forward in Healthcare

As a U.S. Representative in Congress, Daines has taken a stand against the crushing consequences of ObamaCare calling for a full repeal. “ObamaCare does not move the country forward,” Daines said. “Every American wants healthcare at a reasonable cost. No American wants a complicated plan full of false promises, special political favors, and costs we cannot afford. We should repeal ObamaCare and implement an affordable health care system that actually improves the quality of health care.”

Steve Daines’ opponent in the race, Sen. John Walsh, admitted the roll-out of ObamaCare was a “disaster” but stated “we need to look at all the fixes and continue to move forward.” Walsh continues to persistently stand by ObamaCare. Moving forward with ObamaCare means Americans will continue to lose their coverage, pay more in premiums and lose quality of care through the loss of choices. Steve Daines wants to fight for those Americans suffering at the hand of ObamaCare and create a better solution by implementing “an affordable health care system that actually improves the quality of health care.”

Forward in jobs

Steve Daines knows about job creation. After putting himself through college at Montana State University, he went on to spend 28 years in the private sector growing businesses and creating jobs.

He’s been fighting for Montanans to have the Keystone XL pipeline approved knowing it will create hundreds of jobs in his state and help lower energy costs for Americans. Daines believes our energy should be “made in America”, but still the Obama administration stubbornly will not move “forward” with this opportunity to help our citizens.

“Report after report has stated that the Keystone XL pipeline will not have significant environmental impacts, yet President Obama refuses to act. No more excuses, no more delays—it’s time to build the Keystone XL pipeline,” Daines emphasized.

Forward with our Legacy

Steve Daines, a fifth generation Montanan, understands the desire to leave a legacy for our children but not the kind currently displayed under Democratic policies. “For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must stand up to the exploding debt the politicians in Washington have created,” Steve explained, referencing this as “generational theft.” In Congress Steve introduced the “Balanced Budget Accountability Act,” which would require a balanced budget from Congress or else members would not get paid.

“My very first bill said this: if the folks in Washington don’t balance the budget, they don’t get paid,” Daines explained.

Forward in Freedom

Steve Daines is a man of faith, a husband, and father of four. He is fighting for “more freedom and less Government.” Daines explains Congress needs to learn to “do more with less.” He will hold Washington accountable to responsibly manage their spending and find “lasting solutions” that lead to “lasting economic growth.”

“Why are we the greatest, most prosperous, most generous, and freest people ever known to man,” Daines asked. “It is because we embrace freedom, and those principles are embedded in our Constitution.”

Steve Daines will work to create jobs, offer fiscal solutions, protect our freedoms and build a bright future for Americans. That’s what moves America forward.

Please join us and support Steve Daines in Montana for the U.S. Senate.