Tea Party Express Endorses Curt Clawson for Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special Election

Bonita Springs, FL – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly announcing its endorsement of Curt Clawson to represent Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Tea Party Express is excited to be here today and endorse Curt Clawson. Curt’s resume speaks for itself: supervisor at a manufacturing plant, MBA from Harvard, and then a career as a successful businessman and turn-around specialist.

“But what’s most valuable is what is NOT included in his biography – you don’t see any signs of ‘career politician.’ Washington D.C. is full of career politicians; it is good for them to receive a dose of reality from time to time with an outsider candidate that has a wealth of real-world experience.

“Washington, D.C. is a house on fire,” Budowich said. “America is suffering from mismanagement that has created $17 trillion in unsustainable debt, crippling regulations, high taxes and a struggling economy. Curt knows a little bit about fixing broken systems. When he took over Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc., the company was crumbling under $2 billion in debt due to mismanagement. Under Curt’s leadership he turned it around and Hayes Lemmerz is now winning awards for excellence.

“D.C. could use someone with the courage to tackle tough problems if we are ever going to turn the country around. Curt has exhibited that courage through his experience as a business executive. Tea Party Express is proud to stand with Curt Clawson and encourages voters to cast their ballot for Curt on Election Day,” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Tea Party leaders:

“As a retired CEO, I am disgusted when candidates who call themselves conservative Republicans tear down those who have been successful in the private sector. Such candidates are worse than President Obama and the Democrats who demonized Mitt Romney back in 2012. Demonizing achievement and condemning capitalism is what liberals do. We should be holding candidates like Curt Clawson up as an example of what it takes to turn things around: like he did as CEO. Curt Clawson is a true conservative who will exert his talents and leadership skills to get America back on track.” — Jack Tymann, Co-Founder and Member of Leadership Council of the Naples Tea Party

“Curt Clawson has inspired tea party voters across southwest Florida with his outsider message and willingness to challenge the status quo in Tallahassee and Washington DC.” — Erika Donalds, Former Board Member, Collier 912 Freedom Council

“Curt Clawson has a detailed plan for economic growth and a detailed plan for cutting spending, while the other candidates just attack each other without saying how they are going to turn this country around.” – Chuck Marshall, Former Co-Leader of the Naples Tea Party

“I know Curt Clawson and endorse him and his belief that the purpose of constitutional government in the United States is to protect and preserve our unalienable rights. With such a belief to drive policy decisions the citizens of Southwest Florida would be serving our country well by sending both a voice and a vote for freedom to the United States Congress in the person of Curt Clawson.” — Attorney David Shestokas, Former State Prosecutor and host of Constitutionally Speaking

“Having a businessman in DC representing us would be far preferable to a politician. Curt gave me confidence that he will listen to the average citizen when he spoke with me. I was impressed by the family values and morals by which his family has lived, along with his obvious love and respect for his parents. These values are most likely the reason he is trying to run a positive campaign and fully supports our military.” – Joan Spiegel, Member of the Lee County Patriots

“I am a gun owner and enthusiast, an NRA life member and an NRA concealed carry permit instructor. When I asked Curt Clawson his stand on the Second Amendment, he looked me straight in the eye and said he was a gun owner, also, and would fully support gun owner’s rights. I am proud to stand with Curt in upholding our Constitution.” — Jack Kudary, Member of the Lee County Patriots

“Curt Clawson is running to give the voters of southwest Florida something different, something better, and tea party voters are uniting behind him.” — Lavigne Kirkpatrick, Former Leader of the Naples Tea Party

“We, as Americans, need leaders who will stand up for our nation and have a realistic assessment of right-minded leadership, character and national security. We need leaders who love this country so much they would do everything in their power to build up our nation, regardless of who gets the credit.

“We must educate the American electorate so they would use their God granted freedom to preserve their nation, rather than let it be torn apart. Many politicians just flat out lie to get reelected. Pay attention to what people do in real life, not just what they say just to try to get elected.

“My dear deceased husband, Barry, would tell you the same thing. He was heartsick over what this self-glorifying, constitution denying current leadership is doing to our country and its people. Barry would have been proud to support a strong constitutional conservative like Curt Clawson.” — Jackie Willoughby, Widow of Founder and Leader of the Naples Tea Party, Barry Willoughby

“Tall on Tea Party values and short on government regulation.” – Victoria Jackson, national Tea Party activist

“Just as he turned around companies in the past, I know Curt Clawson will be a driving force to get Washington on the right track. This is why he has earned my support, and respect.” — Kathy Jones, Leader of the Lee County Patriots and Organizer of the Lee County Tea Party at Centennial Park in 2011 and 2012

“Curt Clawson is someone who has demonstrated the leadership credentials, a complete understanding of the free market and how to grow our economy, which is exactly what we need in DC.” — Byron Donalds, Local Tea Party Leader and former Congressional Candidate (FL-19)