Tea Party Express Endorses Karen Handel for U.S. Senate in Georgia

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to endorse Karen Handel for U.S. Senate in Georgia. 

Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “With $17 Trillion of debt, it’s time for America to get her fiscal house in order. It starts with electing strong, fiscal conservatives that know how to manage complex budgets. That’s why Tea Party Express is proudly endorsing Karen Handel for the United States Senate. Karen has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility, leadership and courage.

“When Karen was elected as the Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, she faced a budget deficit of $100 million. She not only balanced the budget, but she did so with thoughtful spending cuts- not the lazy D.C. approach of raising taxes, which shrink the economy. Karen brought that same conservative approach to her tenure as Secretary of State, where she reduced her department’s budget by 20%, increased transparency and improved service.

“Karen Handel has put together an impressive campaign because voters want authentic leadership, bold conservative ideas, and someone willing to stand on principle. Karen has done that throughout her career and we will do everything we can to send her to Washington, D.C. so she can continue her work by reining in the federal government.

“There are several good candidates in this race, but Karen is the only one who combines a conservative record and a proven ability to win a statewide election,” Budowich concluded.

 Quotes from Local Tea Party Leaders:

Julianne Thompson, Co-Founder of the Capitol Coalition of Conservative Leaders and Co-Chairman of the Atlanta Tea Party:

“Karen Handel has stood for her convictions throughout her life. After leaving an abusive home at 17, she worked her way up to a successful career in business, and is a proven conservative political leader. She credits God for guiding her path, and she is a prime example of what it means to achieve the American dream.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to send a strong and powerful message to the left…that Georgia will send a conservative Senator who is not interested in being a part of the club, but is going to fight for our families and is going to uphold our Constitution and the freedoms we hold dear.”

Sue Everhart – Former GAGOP Chair and Tea Party Activist:

“I have been an active member of the tea party and Karen has always been there right with us for years as the conservative fighter we need so desperately in Washington 

“Karen comes from the grassroots. She’s one of us — and she won’t forget it. We have the opportunity to elect a conservative woman that will be accountable to us and not the broken system in Washington.”

State Senator Josh McKoon – State Senator and Tea Party Activist:

“It’s time to send someone to Washington with a proven conservative record — a record of actually getting results! Georgia deserves a leader who will work for us and not themselves or the establishment. I believe strongly that Karen is that conservative leader we can trust to always put the best interests of Georgia first.”

Ginger Howard – Host of the Freedom Five Radio Show and Tea Party Activist:

“Karen has fought in the trenches for the Tea Party and the conservative movement for years, both as an elected official and as a private citizen.  As Secretary of State, she took on the Obama Justice Department, and she won.  Karen will be a principled voice for the Tea Party in Washington.” 

Cheryl Lavette – GA Director of Smart Girl Politics:

“Karen Handel is what I look for in a leader.  She has a compelling life story, a rock-solid record of achieving conservative results and most of all: she lives her conservative values in her daily life.  She’s chosen those values over her next paycheck and will never give in to the big-government Washington elite.” 

Margaret Williamson – Gilmer Tea Party Founding Member:

“I have known Karen Handel for years as a movement conservative and active participant in the Tea Party.  As a private citizen she chose her values over her next paycheck at Susan G. Komen and on the Fulton County commission she halted a tax increase in its tracks and cut spending to balance the budget.  As our next United States Senator she will never buckle to the establishment and will be a steadfast warrior for conservative values.”

Carol Tyger – Foothills Republican Women:

“I’m excited to support Karen Handel, a true conservative leader, who isn’t afraid to take on the big liberal establishment to back up the principles we share.  With a record of a true conservative accomplishment Karen is the clear choice on May 20th.”

Donny Fritz – Chair of the Kennesaw State University College Republicans:

“As a Tea Party Republican I am excited to elect Karen Handel as our next US Senator.  Karen has pledged to term-limit herself. She’s running because she’s fired up to tackle the issues, not just to join an exclusive retirement club. We need Karen because she will always fight for our principles not for the establishment.”

Richard Wallace – Tea Party Activist:

“Karen Handel is a movement conservative who has always proven her dedication to serving the people and not the establishment or the special interests.  I am a proud Tea Party Republican and am excited to help elect Karen as our next United States Senator.”