How to tackle local GOTV campaigns

by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

Okay grassroots, it’s time to get serious and get out the vote. We have the opportunity to take the Senate and stop Obama and his liberal agenda right in its tracks, but there are only 35 days left to act!

The electoral stage is set to expand our influence in the House of Representatives and elect conservatives that share our values. The time is perfect to make a difference if, and that’s a big IF, we all get out and vote.

To abstain from voting because your chosen Tea Party candidate didn’t make it through the primary doesn’t help us make a change for the right we so desperately need. To write in a candidate who does not have a viable chance to win also will not help us in the long run.

This fight is bigger than any one candidate or issue. Together, we have elected some bold, unwavering Constitutional conservatives like Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee. However, since arriving in D.C. they’ve been blocked from pursuing conservative solutions by a do-nothing Democrat-controlled Senate.

Our Tea Party champions need us to come together and give them control of the Senate. They need us to set aside petty differences and work together to FIRE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID!

I could preach to you but I’d be preaching to the choir. So instead, I will ask you, the choir, to join the preacher in preaching to our brothers and sisters in these battleground states. There are still millions of undecided voters who need you to share with them the truth. I am asking you to help get out the vote and let’s get to the job of taking back the Senate and removing the gavel from Harry Reid’s hands.

There are different things you can do which will make a huge difference in the election’s outcome.

GOTV activities like:

• Contact your local candidate’s campaign office and find out how to help.
• Make phone calls.
• Walk precincts.
• Distribute yard signs.
• Talk to your family, friends and neighbors.

The time is right to join together and throw political correctness out the window and begin a civil conversation on politics and religion in this country before it is too late.

Watch for our new Get Out the Vote newsletters and check back to our website frequently, where we will provide current polls, podcasts of the candidates and additional great information that will help you educate others leading up to the election. We have valuable resources coming to help YOU get out the vote.

Remember, united we win! Join with us and together we can take back the Senate.

God bless each of you and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

– Kay