Welcome to being a good GOTV neighbor!

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

It’s week two of our official Tea Party Express “Get Out the Vote” campaign and this week we are focusing on being a good GOTV neighbor. Our GOTV newsletters provide you with all the current election updates so you can learn what’s going on without the spin of the liberal media.

We are also bringing you updates on the pulse of the grassroots movement and what’s happening on the ground across our country.

Additionally, we are sharing ideas on how you too can make a difference in the upcoming election on November 4th and help conservative candidates take back the Senate and gain even greater ground in the House. As you’ve likely heard by now, we only need six seats to accomplish the task at hand in the Senate and finally put a stop to Harry Reid and his liberal wandering ways.

So what does a good GOTV neighbor look like?

That’s easy. It’s a neighbor who cares about his community, state and country enough to speak up and help inform those closest to them.

Here are some great ideas to help you personally be a good GET OUT THE VOTE neighbor.

1)  Personal outreach is paramount.

–  Talk to friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members about those fiscally conservative candidates you support and how you believe they will help this country.

–  Contact your local candidate’s office to get connected and informed so you’ll have the tools you need for outreach.

2)  Signs and then some.

–  DO place signs in your yard for the candidates you support. But don’t stop there!

–  Volunteer to distribute signs in your community.

–  As Election Day approaches create a sign letting people know Nov. 4th this year is the day they need to go and vote. You could even include times your local polling places are open on Election Day.

3)  Be sensitive to the needs in your community.

–  Do you have an elderly neighbor who may need assistance with an early voting form?

–  Are there people in your community who may need rides to their polling places?

–  Help people find where they need to go to vote.  Inform them the location could have easily changed since the last election they participated in.

4)  Become a beacon of information.

–  Post candidate information on local bulletin boards.

–  Utilize your personal social media accounts to get out candidate information.

–  Welcome friends and neighbors to your home to discuss the elections and your candidates.

5)  Most importantly, SPEAK UP!

–  Regardless of which community you reside in, your voice and passion to see our country get back on the road to prosperity carries more weight than most people realize.

This is the heart of the grassroots movement. It is people just like you and me reaching out to those in our communities and caring enough to fight for those who are willing to go to Washington in order to make our hometowns better. For years now, we’ve seen the devastating affects liberal policies have had on local businesses and families. We see our neighbors first hand struggling.  But when we are a good GOTV neighbor, we change the future for the better, for all of us.

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