Tea Party Express Endorses Tom Del Beccaro for US Senate

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, is endorsing Tom Del Beccaro for the U.S. Senate.

Tea Party Express’ Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Tom Del Beccaro has long been a leading California advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and policies that promote economic growth. He understands the power of conservative ideas and has looked to spread those ideas through every community.  His tax plan, crafted with the help of some of Ronald Reagan’s former top economic advisors, is a blueprint to jump start the American economy.

“As the Chairman of the California GOP, Tom led the effort to broaden the Republican base by bringing our conservative, limited government message to diverse constituencies. This effort included the first ever Latino town hall, which aired on Univision, along with the creation of a team of volunteers that were tasked with bringing the conservative message to minority areas of the state.

“Tom Del Beccaro has also been a conservative thought-leader nationally. As an author, online publisher, and television commentator, viewers and readers across the nation have been able to rely on Tom for common sense, conservative solutions to some of America’s biggest problems. It has drawn him support from conservative leaders across the country. I am confident that if elected, Tom Del Beccaro will be a tireless advocate for taxpayers throughout California,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements of support from local conservative leaders:
“Even the Democrats in California need Tom Del Beccaro in the Senate. Currently there is not a smidgin of fiscal restraint in government, both in the debt that the politicians are leaving your children and in the enormous financial gains they have enjoyed by serving in government. Some common sense from California is needed, some restraint is necessary if we are to have a future for our children and all voters. Tom Del Beccaro will bring the balance and the equality that California deserves. The 405-605 Patriots heartily endorse Tom because every Californian needs to restore fiscal responsibility in government.”
405/605 Tea Party Patriots Executive Committee – Seal Beach, CA
“The Steering Committee of the Ramona Tea Party proudly endorses Conservative Republican Tom Del Beccaro for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer. After 50 years of Democrat control, it is time that we had a Senator from the State of California who understands our concerns, has solutions that we embrace, and is willing to fight on our behalf. Tom is that person! A fighter, with core values consistent with Tea Party values and the founding principles of the USA, Tom Del Beccaro is the only candidate capable of taking on the California Democrat machine and bringing us a victory in November.”
Ramona Tea Party, California
“Tom Del Becarro is a no-brainer vote for all tea partiers, conservatives, and Republicans voting for US Senate on June 7. His most-awesome stances on immigration and tax reform prove that. And he won us over as soon as he started talking about the Second Amendment.”
John Berry, Cabinet Member, Redlands Tea Party Patriots
“I remember the first time Tom Del Beccaro spoke at one of our grassroots, TEA Party events. He immediately captured the entire audience from young to old. His passion to enact positive change on a nation who so desperately wants to get back to the American values we hold so dearly, is infectious. His knowledge and command of the Constitution, his love for the American people, and his impressive work ethic is what will make him the Senator this country so urgently needs. Whether he is in a room of 50 people or speaking at a rally with 15,000 patriots, you will experience Tom’s dedication and passion for America and her people. He has my vote! Hands down.”
–Dr. Bridget “Dr. B” Melson, California Tea Party and Grassroots Activist
“Freedom Tea Party Patriots, an organization that is in alliance with the Tea Party Patriots, would like to take this opportunity to endorse Thomas Del Beccaro, for United States Senate 2016. We believe with a strong presence like Thomas Del Beccaro, the existing weakness we currently find in the House will cease to exist. If you want to see a Senator take office who will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong against the things he believes are not in our best interest, as a Nation, then Thomas Del Beccaro, is the only choice we have.”
-Kathy Ponce, Founder and President, Freedom Tea Party Patriots.