Tea Party Express Endorses Re-Election of California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Steve Knight

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of California Congressman Steve Knight of the 25th Congressional District and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of the 48th District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Congressmen Knight and Rohrabacher have both been stalwart conservatives in the House and contributed to advancing the Tea Party agenda in Congress. With a focus on growing the economy, they have been leaders in fighting to reduce taxes, unnecessary spending, and excessive government regulation. Despite the drag on the economy caused by an intrusive state government, the remarkable achievements by President Trump and Republicans in Congress have caused an economic boom for Californians. These two Congressmen have been integral to the economic policies that have brought back a new level of prosperity to California.

District 25. “Congressman Steve Knight has taken his experience in the military, in local government on the Palmdale City Council, with 18 years as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, and in state government while serving in the State Legislature and become an outstanding Congressman that we are proud to support. His experience has earned him the reputation of a ‘can-do’ Member of Congress because of his myriad of accomplishments and his engagement in the major policy issues of the day. He has been unafraid to wade into the controversial immigration issue to help bring needed reform to a completely broken system. He has tirelessly fought to rid us of the federal intrusion in our healthcare that Obamacare has brought, but he has been committed to finding a solution that keeps pre-existing health conditions as part of affordable health insurance. As evidence of his effectiveness, he has recently had three new bills signed into law by the President, including The Better Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Act, Flight R&D Act, and Friendly Airports for Mothers Act. We need the capable and experienced Congressman Steve Knight to be re-elected.

District 48. “I have personally known Congressman Rohrabacher since our youthful days working on behalf of Ronald Reagan’s first gubernatorial campaign. I learned then that Dana is a committed supporter of liberty, and he puts strong principles first in working for his constituents. He has been a leading proponent of needed criminal justice reform as well as working to put the brakes on mass government surveillance of Americans that has occurred without proper safeguards. Acutely aware of how well-intentioned government can run astray, Dana has been a national leader in stopping the excessive use of civil asset forfeiture laws that have literally confiscated property from innocent people without any meaningful due process. The big government liberals in Washington have been ganging up on Dana and trying to convince voters that electing a liberal instead would serve the people of coastal Orange County. We certainly do not want to return America to the economic stagnation and failed programs of the Obama years, which is exactly what could happen if we do not elect a stellar Congressman like Dana Rohrabacher. He should be re-elected to Congress,” Russo concluded.