Tea Party Express Statement on Senate Boehner Plan Vote

The Tea Party Express issued this statement following the decision by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to table the Boehner Plan.
“With tonight’s vote, Senator Harry Reid has demonstrated his commitment to blocking any and all plans containing the slightest hint of fiscal responsibility.
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Tea Party Express Statement on Raising the Debt Ceiling

The Tea Party Express, considered one of the most effective and aggressive national tea party groups, today issued the following statement from Chief Strategist Sal Russo:
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Tea Party Express V: Reclaiming America Presidential Tour

August 27th – September 12th, 2011

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Tea Party Express Releases Schedule and Route of National Tour

Coast-to-Coast Route Focuses on Early Presidential Primary States

The Tea Party Express announced today the full route and schedule of the upcoming national tea party bus tour. Titled “Reclaiming America,” this is the 5th coast-to-coast tour for the group, and will feature 29 tea party rallies in as many cities with extra time spent in states having early presidential primaries.
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