Interview with Dan Innis, Candidate for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District


Dan Innis, dean of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics running in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, talks about the challenge of running against both the incumbent and a former congressman, as well as the national debt, job creation, the Obamacare disaster, government overreach and NSA surveillance, and congressional dysfunction.

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Restore American Expectionalism: Nullify Obama

by Lloyd Marcus

Upon seeing the size of the crowd, the trio of middle school students scheduled to perform the Star Spangled Banner became petrified. It was the monthly U.S. Immigration Naturalization Ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland. We were backstage. Every month the ceremony was ended with me performing my original song, “Celebrate America”. I felt honored that my song was the first heard by the new Americans. Read More

Joe Carr is the Real Deal

by Lloyd Marcus

Mary and I made the trek from Florida to Chattanooga, TN for me to speak/sing at a rally for Joe Carr co-sponsored by “Beat Lamar” and Conservative Campaign Committee. Tennesseans have launched an enthusiastic grassroots effort to help Carr topple incumbent Obama sycophant Sen. Lamar Alexander in the Republican primary August 7th. Read More

Israel, the Tea Party and the MSM

by Lloyd Marcus

I am probably not alone in noticing that the mainstream media’s deplorable unfair treatment of Israel is strikingly similar to how it treats the Tea Party. In both cases, the MSM has chosen a side, spinning its reporting to brand the victims intolerant, racist and hate-filled aggressors. Read More