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Tea Party Express would like to thank all of the patriots across the country who stepped up, voted and helped change our future for the better.

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Join Tea Party Express on Election Night!

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

With so much riding on this year’s elections, we invite you to join Tea Party Express on Tuesday night November 4th to navigate through the maze of races. Tea Party Express is joining forces with Tea Party News Network and WAAR Radio to bring you nonstop commentary and election updates. Read More

Election Roundup: What to expect on Tuesday

by Andrew Surabian
Political Director

After months and months of nonstop campaigning, we are finally just one day away from the election and there are a lot of things that tea party conservatives should keep an eye out for. First, whether or not the Republicans are able to finally take back the Senate from Harry Reid. To make that a reality, we must win 6 Senate seats tomorrow which most forecasters believe is more than doable; in fact, some are even predicting a Republican wave tomorrow, where conservatives could win upwards of 9 U.S. Senate seats. Read More

Election Roundup: Race to the finish line!

by Andrew Surabian
Political Director

Last week Tea Party Express announced our endorsement of Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate in Alaska. Sullivan is challenging incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Begich and recent polls show a neck and neck race between the two, although it would seem as though Sullivan has the slight advantage. Tea Party Express also announced the launch of a statewide radio advertisement blitz featuring 2010 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joe Miller. In the ad, Miller goes after Begich for supporting President Obama’s policies 97% of the time, as well as for his support for Obamacare. You can listen to the ad which is currently running statewide, here. Read More

GOTV: Headed for the Grand Finale

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

Everyone enjoys a great fireworks show. It’s fun watching each unique display light up the sky, but the best part is always the grand finale. That’s when suddenly, instead of just one or two well-paced individual explosions, the sky is suddenly illuminated with an entire arsenal. Read More

Interview with Kay Rivoli- National Grassroots Director, Tea Party Express

by Justin Petty
Administrative Director

Each week, we’ve featured your column, in which you’ve shared with us your interactions with local tea party groups across the country and your thoughts on this election cycle. What information this week do you feel is important to share?
I’m feeling very good about tea party success heading into election day, though I still want to remind folks why elections next week are so important as we really do need all tea party voters fully engaged if we’re going to continue to make progress in restoring this great nation. Next week, we have a chance to finally elect a conservative majority in the Senate and rip the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hands, preventing any further liberal judicial appointments by President Obama in his last two years. Whether or not our primary candidate made it, we HAVE to support the more conservative candidate in each race. Read More

Grassroots Update: The countdown is on.

by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

The countdown is on! Only 15 days till Election!

We are fast approaching the November 4th elections and it is time to BLAST OFF in your efforts to get out the vote. On the state and local levels, it is time to get out the yard signs, walk the precincts, man the phone banks, and start conversations with your family and friends discussing why this election is so important. IT IS TIME TO DEFEAT THE SINISTER SIX and take the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hands. Read More

Election Roundup: The cross country race rundown.

by Andy Surabian
Political Director

After weeks of smears on businessman David Perdue, Democrat candidate for Senate Michelle Nunn has seemingly taken the lead in the Georgia Senate race. 2 polls released in the last week have shown her with small leads over Perdue. A poll conducted by Survey USA shows her leading Perdue 48% to 45%, while another poll conducted by WRBL showed her leading 45% to 44%. Luckily, both polls are within the margin of error and Perdue is still given a 62% chance of victory in November by the Huffington Post. Read More