Tea Party Express Congratulates Supreme Court Justice David Prosser!

The Tea Party Express congratulates Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Prosser on a much-deserved victory, as the latest count shows him with a convincing lead over Kloppenburg.

When county officials corrected a counting error, they found that Justice Prosser now leads by more than 7,500 votes, a figure that is likely insurmountable even if liberal opponent Kloppenberg forces a recount.

The Tea Party Express weighed in heavily on the race, spending close to $200,000 on television ads that played throughout the state, as well as web-based advertising and a unique “Phone From Home” campaign.

Despite being heavily outspent by national union money from outside the state, much of it on blatantly false attack ads, Justice Prosser prevailed by running a decent, honest campaign.

“We are thrilled that the voters in Wisconsin saw through the activist-funded, nasty campaign of Kloppenburg, and have re-elected a fair and principled justice.” said Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer. “It’s almost insulting that big union bosses would try to force a candidate like Kloppenburg on the people of Wisconsin – a far-left activist with zero judicial experience and a reputation for prosecuting homeowners over minor environmental infractions. This election sends a powerful message that the voters are sick and tired of big union bosses blocking progress in the state, and attempting to intimidate voters and elected officials alike.”

The Tea Party Express is considered the most effective and aggressive national tea party organization, and is best known for spending millions of dollars to help elect conservatives to office, as well as national bus tours holding hundreds of rallies that feature conservative speakers, singers, and candidates for office.

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