Tea Party Express Launches TV Ad Campaign in Wisconsin Supreme Court Fight

The Tea Party Express launched an new ad campaign today targeting the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, where well-funded union groups are running attack ads against the sitting justice, David Prosser, and instead supporting a state prosecutor with zero judicial experience and a history of suing homeowners and businesses over environmental regulations.

“This TV ad is just one element in a large campaign to educate and mobilize Wisconsin voters. Justice Prosser is a principled and trustworthy judge with over ten years of experience and hundreds of high-profile endorsements. Those on the radical left are pouring money into this race in an attempt to hijack the election and install an environmental activist judge who would do their bidding from the bench. We are determined to help keep the courts grounded in the Constitution, rather than pandering to special interests.” said Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express.

The ad is currently running throughout the state in Wisconsin, and will run through election day next week. The Tea Party Express, and its membership of over 375,000, will also engage in a Phone-From-Home program in order to increase turnout among tea party supporters – a tactic used with great success during primary elections last year.

The Tea Party Express is considered the most effective and aggressive national tea party organization, and is best known for spending millions of dollars to help elect conservatives to office, as well as national bus tours holding rallies that feature conservative speakers, singers, and candidates for office.

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