Conservative Campaign Committee Pushin’ for McDaniel in Biloxi

by Lloyd Marcus

My Conservative Campaign Committee team and I attended the Tea Party Express rally for Chris McDaniel in Biloxi Mississippi. We have launched an independent expenditure ad campaign and rallied volunteers to assist our team in making get-out-the-vote phone calls for McDaniel.

Passion, excitement and enthusiasm for McDaniel is high. McDaniel signs decorate many neighborhoods. An attendee at the rally told me that when the taxi driver heard he and his friends were going to the McDaniel rally he drove them for free, refusing to take their money. The taxi driver stayed for the rally. He expressed his frustration to me with the “good-ole-boy-network”. The taxi driver passionately said, “It is time for change”. Locals shared story after story with me about the good-ole-boy-network being used to lord over, abuse and bully the people and businesses. Clearly, the local mantra is “Enough with the good-ole-boy-network! It is time for change!”

I was really encouraged by the enthusiasm, grassroots volunteers standing on street corners waving McDaniel signs and get-out-the-vote efforts of We the (Mississippi) People for Chris McDaniel. Talk about David vs Goliath, the airways are flooded with ads for McDaniel’s, long, long time, good-ole-boy, and extremely well-funded GOP establishment opponent.

A young black Obama supporter wandered into the McDaniel rally. He was bright and open to ideas and new information. In a nutshell, he said he voted for Obama because Obama is black and vowed to help the poor. I dispelled that myth with facts. Then, the 21 year old kid dropped a bombshell. He said he owned a landscaping business. I said, “Then why on earth are you a democrat? Man, are you on the wrong side!” He chuckled and we had a great talk.

The young black small business owner was from the hood. He avoided drugs and crime and worked to provide a better life for his family. He had a little college education under his belt as well. He was conservative and did not even know it. I added him to my newsletter list.

I was sitting on a bench in Walmart waiting for Mary to get through the checkout. A sweet elderly white lady sat down beside me. I struck up a conversation. Well, she got on a roll talking about her childhood growing up in Mississippi. She and her best friend would share an ice cream cone. But when it came to telling me her best friend’s race, the elderly white lady became noticeably uncomfortable. She simply did not know the current politically correct term to use for a black person. First she started to say colored, then she began to say black. She cut herself off and said, “My friend was… (then she tapped me on the arm), meaning to say her friend was the same race as me. I thought, “Poor sweet lady. Look how ridiculously cautious of offending political correctness has made us.”

Folks, this is one of the many reasons why we need sane responsible adults running our country again. We desperately need true conservatives like Chris McDaniel in DC.

On our way to the McDaniel rally, we passed a Biloxi restaurant called, “Slap Your Momma” which was one of my late mom’s favorite sayings when referring to really good food. “That pound cake was so good it makes you want to slap you momma”, she would say. I had my first seafood gumbo here in Biloxi. Awesome!

Y’all folks in Mississippi sure are friendly. I have never been called sweets and sweetie pie so much in my life. You deserve a refreshing change…a really, really good guy like Chris McDaniel. Vote Tuesday, June 24th for Chris McDaniel.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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