ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses April Becker, Sam Peters & Carolina Serrano for Congress in Nevada

For Immediate Release: June 13, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of April Becker in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, Sam Peters in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, and Carolina Serrano in Nevada’s 1st Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “We are pleased to support April Becker, Sam Peters, and Carolina Serrano for election to Congress because they are all principled conservatives who will put America first and champion the Tea Party principles of limited government, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility.

April Becker, Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.  “April Becker’s deepest desire is to help the people of Nevada recover from the failed policies of the Biden administration that have burdened the lives of working families.  Instead of policies that encourage economic growth and opportunity, we have seen disastrous policies from bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. that have left Nevada’s economy in shambles. They have caused Nevada to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the entire nation. 

April knows the Biden administration’s reckless promotion of open borders not only threatens the economic security of Nevadans, but poses a national security risk with drug smugglers and criminals gaining access to our country through an unsecured border.  

April Becker’s personal resilience and dedication to the people of Nevada to stop tax hikes and out-of-control illegal immigration are sorely needed in Washington, D.C.  We are proud to endorse April Becker and are confident she will adhere to our Tea Party principles to promote lasting economic freedom and prosperity,” Russo concluded. 

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“April is smart, kind, compassionate, and she will make an excellent representative. As a retired corrections officer, I know firsthand that April will always stand up for our first responders!” –  Vicki Sloan, Retired Corrections Officer

“As a retired Brigadier General in the Air Force, I know what it takes to get things done. I know April well and she is a woman of honesty and integrity. I have full confidence in her ability to fight for our national security, our men and women in uniform, and the veterans that have dutifully served our country with honor.”    General Rob Novotny, Retired Brigadier General, Air Force

“April is leading the charge in CD3 and making it a priority to reach out to Nevadans in her district, including the Latino and AAPI communities. I can’t wait for her to get to D.C.!” – Jesus Marquez, Grassroots Activist

“I am a student at UNLV, and intern for April Becker’s campaign. April is an amazing human being and cares so deeply for all of her supporters, especially us students. Working on her campaign has been an incredible experience, and I can’t wait for her to win!” – Taylor White, Grassroots Activist and Campaign Intern

Sam Peters, Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.  “Sam Peters is a true patriot who is committed to putting America first. As a retired U.S. Air Force Major, Sam served all over the world and earned the honor and respect of his peers, including receiving a Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan. 

Sam Peters, Congressional Candidate Nevada

“As a business owner, Sam knows the importance of fiscal responsibility, and he has pledged to fight for an immediate Balanced Budget Amendment to stop wasteful spending sprees flooding out of Washington, D.C. and robbing taxpayers of their hard-earned money. 

Sams Peters Congressional Candidate

Sam supports maintaining a strong national border to protect America’s sovereignty, and has developed a plan to fix the immigration crisis.  His love and dedication to American principles and the people of Nevada make him the exact kind of principled leader we need to stand up to liberal politicians in Washington, D.C. 

“We are honored to give Sam Peters our strong endorsement and are confident he’ll promote our Tea Party principles of reining in out-of-control spending and promoting economic freedom and prosperity,” Russo concluded. 

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“Sam is a Patriot who truly cares about his constituents and his country! Retired USAF Major, family man, devoted to keeping Nevada and our country free. Sam’s experience in strategic planning, logic and common sense is what we all need! Sam has earned my trust, support and respect and would be a valuable asset to NV04. I wish this country had more people like Sam Peters…leadership, bravery and determination personified!”   Jennifer Oertwig, Grassroots Activist

“Sam Peters embodies everything we would expect from our representative to the “Peoples’ House” – faith, family, and love of country. This is what he will bring to Congress, along with true fiscal conservatism. He will be relentless in his defense of the U.S. and the American way of life. We believe in him, and we support him.” – John and Linda DeCicco, North Las Vegas, NV

“Sam Peters is a hard-working Patriot who served his country in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years earning a Bronze Star. Sam is a business owner and a great family man who loves his family and country. Having spent time with Sam in this election at the County Fair, various parades, and other political events, I know Sam believes in America First. He believes in strong borders, getting our fiscal house in order, and getting big government out of our lives. Having been involved as a campaign volunteer for 45 plus years, Sam is one of the hardest working and strongest candidates I have had the honor to be involved with.”  – Thaddeus C. Zylka III, Las Vegas, NV

Sam Peters, candidate for U.S. Congress, has my full support due to his positions on the following issues: voter integrity and protection for fair elections, illegal immigration taking place must change, Pro-Life stance, and supports our military and police.”  – Judy Ron Smith, Las Vegas, NV

Carolina Serrano, Nevada’s 1st Congressional District.  “Carolina knows illegal immigration threatens America’s national sovereignty, and she’s committed to securing our borders to keep criminals and drug lords out.  The number of deaths in Nevada from smuggled drugs is unacceptable.  Our broken immigration system harms American workers, and Carolina has pledged to place the interests of American families over those flooding our borders illegally. 

Carolina Serrano, Congressional Candidate and a United States Marine

“As a proud Colombian American born in the United States, Carolina used her grassroots skills to lead the Hispanic outreach for President Trump in Las Vegas.  Her fierce commitment to free market principles and determination to stop wasteful spending bills in Washington, D.C. make her a solid conservative candidate. 

Carolina Serrano, Congressional Candidate Nevada

Carolina has shown a determination to stand up for the change she knows we need in Congress.  She is exactly the kind of tough fighter we need to stand up to the political establishment and put America first, and we are pleased endorse Carolina Serrano for Congress,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“I had the opportunity to meet Carolina Serrano during the 2020 Trump presidential campaign. I was immediately impressed with her command of issues, her never-stop work ethic, and her clarity on the economy and America First principles. She knows the issues. She is pro-life, pro-family, pro-2A, pro-1A, America First. She is the anti-thesis of Dina Titus, the Democrat incumbent. Carolina is the perfect candidate in the perfect year. Carolina Serrano is one of the best candidates this cycle. She will be a strong fighter in the general and a formidable member of Congress.” – Melissa Clement, Grassroots Activist

I met Carolina at a grassroots function at the Ahern hotel in Las Vegas. In my experience with her, she is receptive, knowledgeable of the current issues with our state and federal governments, and always willing to keep contact with and address the concerns of the constituents. I feel it’s fair to mention that I am also a disabled veteran, and typically have much bias towards other veterans running for office, of which there are at least two others in her current primary race, but as stated before, she is the only one that has earned by vote and respect, and is also the only one I’ve seen go out and help build up the conservative movement throughout our country.” – Adam LaRose, Grassroots Constitutional Conservative School Board Candidate

“Carolina Serrano is a great conservative candidate: I worked directly with her, mobilizing Latinos for Trump in Nevada during the 2020 cycle when she was the State Director for the Coalition, and I was on the board of the National Latinos for Trump Coalition.”  Jesus Marquez, Marquez Strategies

“We need constitutional leaders who will stand up for our children against tyranny. Carolina Serrano is the embodiment of leadership, patriotism, America first warrior Nevada deserves.” – Lydia Ruiz Momma Bear, Make CCSD Great Again

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