Taxed Taxed Taxed – Injustice In Our Tax System

Published June 27, 2023

Taxes are an essential part of any functioning society, providing the necessary funds to pay for public infrastructure like bridges and roads. Essential services like, public transportation, hospitals, law enforcement, fire protection, EMTs and medical transport. And social welfare programs like Medicaid. But the concept of multiple taxation has sparked debates and raised voices among individuals who feel burdened by the constant imposition of taxes on their hard-earned money.

There’s an injustice in paying taxes on money earned, money spent, and on possessions that have already been subjected to taxation. And with that said, I’ll make my case for you the American taxpayer.

Income Tax is the most common form of taxation, where you are required to pay a percentage of your hard-earned wages to the government. While the purpose of income tax is to contribute to public welfare, the system often seems unfair. You work diligently and invest your time and skills to earn a decent wage, and yet a significant portion of your earnings is deducted as income tax to help others who perhaps don’t work as hard. That taxation alone can diminish the incentive to work. The incentive to strive for success.

Then you have Sales Tax, a tax on goods and services at the point of purchase. This tax in and of itself seems unjust. You are now paying taxes while spending money that has already been taxed. Paying taxes on essential items such as food, clothing, and housing puts an additional burden on you the taxpayer. It’s an even larger burden on those with lower incomes who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Now Property Tax is another significant source of government revenue. These are taxes placed on real estate and certain personal possessions. While property taxes are used to fund local government services, education, and infrastructure, they can sometimes feel redundant and again, create an unjust financial burden on property owners and taxpayers. Particularly concerning is the taxation of possessions already taxed at purchase with already taxed income, resulting in the taxation of the same money multiple times. It’s enough to tax your mind.

But let’s not stop with those – now let’s get to the Capital Gains Tax imposed on the profits earned from the sale of assets such as stocks, bonds, or even that real estate property that has already been taxed. It may seem reasonable to tax the gain on investments, but the system often penalizes individuals for their success and discourages investment and risk-taking. Many argue that a double taxation occurs when individuals are already taxed on their income, and then face additional taxation when they choose to invest their hard-earned money. 

And last but not least the Corporate Tax that’s placed on the profits earned by companies and corporations. That my friend, is an additional tax on you the consumer, and is passed right on down to you through the form of increased prices for goods and services. It’s an indirect form of taxation that once again places further financial strain on you the taxpayer, creating a cycle of taxation where you’re paying multiple times for the same economic activity.

That’s injustice in our tax system, injustice to you the taxpayer, and exactly the reason our tax system needs to be reformed. While taxes are an essential part of a functioning society, it is vital to address the concerns surrounding multiple taxation. 

Our current tax system that imposes taxes on income, purchases, ownership, and investments, seems unjust and burdensome to you, me, and every American citizen who feel they are paying for the same money multiple times. It is time to review our tax system, reform tax policies and strike a balance between public welfare and your right to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And with that, I rest my case.

Kay Rivoli, National Political Director, Tea Party Express

We Are The Tea Party – And We Are Taxed Enough Already!