Tea Party Express Statement on Senate Boehner Plan Vote

The Tea Party Express issued this statement following the decision by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to table the Boehner Plan.
“With tonight’s vote, Senator Harry Reid has demonstrated his commitment to blocking any and all plans containing the slightest hint of fiscal responsibility.

“A recent CNN poll showed that 75% of the American public supported a balanced federal budget. In response, the House of Representatives passed not one, but two plans that offered workable solutions to Washington’s out of control spending. The Senate opposes a balanced budget amendment, and they oppose any meaningful budget cuts. They are content with our skyrocketing national debt and want only tax increases.

“Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid with President Obama at their side are at odds with the American people, and like hopeless addicts have refused to take a single step towards recovery. They only can blame the tea party and those who are willing to make tough decisions for the good of the country. Sadly, Harry Reid and President Obama are beyond recovery and are unwilling to address America’s fiscal woes.

“Fortunately, we will have an election in 2012 and the American people can make sure that many of these big-government, big-spending Senators never return to Washington.”