Tea Party Express Responds to Critz Campaign

Smears from the Critz Campaign Only a Failed Distraction

Pittsburgh, PA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, has responded firmly to erroneous attacks launched by Representative Mark Critz’s campaign. Critz’s campaign spokesman Mike Mikus released a statement yesterday following the organization’s endorsement of Keith Rothfus.

Sal Russo, Chief Strategist of Tea Party Express, said “We thought Representative Critz’s might attempt to moderate his positioning after his recent primary campaign where he tried to “out-liberal” his primary opponent, Congressman Jason Altmire. Unfortunately, he seems to be doubling down on these knee jerk liberal talking points instead. Yesterday, Critz returned to the bogus ‘tea party is pushing granny of the cliff’ line of smears, demonstrating why his long-time Washington career has blinded him from political reality.

“The truth is, thanks to Critz-supported Obamacare, Medicare is being gutted by $575 billion in cuts. The money is then used in an attempt to fund one of the largest federal government overreaches in our nation’s history. Simply, the Critz-Obama plan will end Medicare completely because it continues as an unfunded program that will run out of money unless remedial action is taken. The Wisconsin election proves the people are no longer going to listen to politicians who promise everything, but hide the fact there is no money to pay for their exaggerated promises.

“Conservative leaders in the House have been working tirelessly to address the dire circumstances surrounding Medicare. Paul Ryan’s plan stops this robbery on Medicare and instead saves the money from cuts so the program can reach a point of solvency. The Tea Party Express is committed to these efforts to save Medicare.

“These false smears fail to hold water and show just what kind of negative campaign Representative Mark Critz plans on running. The smears also show how drastically out-of-touch he is with the direction of our country. We currently face nearly $16 trillion in debt, stagnate economic growth, and leadership the follows down the path of Greece, Italy, and Portugal. In 2010 voters rejected Obama’s big government and big spending agenda; however, it seems that Critz did not get the message. It’s okay – we will send another deafening reminder in November.

“After Critz loses in November, he should consider moving to Greece, where they are accustomed to electing irresponsible spending legislators like Mark Critz. It can be another junket like the ones that he seems to enjoy. Pennsylvanians want economy prosperity, not the economic ruin that comes from excessive spending and an unsustainable federal debt.

“We could not be more proud of our endorsement yesterday of Keith Rothfus. He understands that the private sector is the solution, not the government. If we are going to get back on a path to prosperity, we are going to need to implement the pro-growth free market solutions that are articulated in Rothfus’ campaign.” Russo concluded.