NEW: Tea Party Express Re-Launches Blog

Since the election in November, we have been forced to listen to the media’s fabricated and worn-out stories about the Tea Party being dead and gone. This could not be further from the truth. It’s for that reason Tea Party Express has launched our own blog that not only celebrates everything the Tea Party has accomplished, but also focuses on continuing the fight to restore the limited Constitutional government our founders envisioned.

The truth about the November elections is that we have 29 new Tea Party legislators in Washington thanks to this movement and our liberty-minded message. That’s a net gain of 24 leaders. It is also no surprise that we drastically outperformed the GOP-anointed candidates. (Well, maybe it is to the GOP.)

However, the point is not to pat ourselves on the back. Our election success delivers a powerful message: the Tea Party’s pro-growth, free market policies resonate overwhelmingly with Americans around the nation. It’s time for the GOP to WAKE UP and realize its tactics are failing. Only through the message and principles of the Tea Party movement will the party be able to regain lost ground.

That’s why it was music to our ears to hear Senator Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday last week. Cruz has not only bloomed into one of the Tea Party’s most powerful voices, he understands and communicates the value of our conservative message with power and clarity. Cruz’s recently coined phrase “Opportunity Conservatism” describes the Tea Party philosophy perfectly.

Ted Cruz is one of MANY new tea partiers around the country that is leading this conservative movement. So while the media, liberals, and GOP establishment tries to diminish the Tea Party, this blog will focus on the achievements of Tea Party policies and the success of various leaders in the movement.

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