Tea Party Express Endorses Jason Smith in MO-8

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly announced its support for Speaker Pro-Tem Jason Smith in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District special election.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “Jason is a promising young conservative who will bring fiscal responsibility to Washington, D.C. Tea Partiers across the country applaud his commitment to repealing Obamacare and reining in the federal government’s out-of-control spending.

“President Barack Obama has said that his priority for the next election is to win back the House of Representatives so he can install Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House. It was the Pelosi-led House that gave us Obamacare, stimulus, bailouts, out-of-control spending, more intrusive government, and a growing and unsustainable national debt that is crippling our economic growth. The last thing we need is another Pelosi vote in the House.

“America’s debt is approaching $17 trillion, and the economy has been plagued by anemic growth caused by President Obama’s and Nancy Pelosi’s Big Government machine. Jason will bring a powerful voice to Washington that will push back against the Democrats’ liberal agenda. Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Representative Jason Smith, and we encourage residents of the 8th Congressional District to vote for Jason on June 4th,” Kremer concluded.