Porky Peter King Gets His Facts Wrong… Again!

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, found factual inaccuracies with Congressman Peter King’s recent statements denying adoration for pork barrel spending, especially that which was stuffed into the Sandy Relief Bill.

Excerpt from Long Island Newsday on Congressman King’s response: “And he took offense at the attack on the $60 billion Hurricane Sandy recovery aid he fought to get through Congress. He called the charge that the aid has ‘pork’ for non-Sandy victims untrue: ‘These are lies propagated by the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.’”

Tea Party Express’ Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “It is shameful that Congressman Peter King is blatantly lying to the American people and trying to smear conservatives within his own party in the process. His claim that the Sandy Relief Bill did not contain pork is outrageous. The egregious non-Sandy related spending has been well documented and objected to by more than just Senators Cruz and Paul, but King already knows that.

“Unfortunately for Peter King, slick talking will only get him so far. He should think twice before pursuing any future political ambitions, as they will be weighed down by all of his porky indiscretions,” Russo concluded.

Given Congressman King’s recent and ambitious trip to New Hampshire, Tea Party Express pointed to an op-ed written by the state’s freshman Senator Kelly Ayotte on the pork-laiden Sandy Relief Bill. The following is an excerpt from her op-ed:

“Instead of straightforward legislation focused on helping Sandy victims get back on their feet, the bill that Congress approved goes far beyond the devastated areas. Using important disaster relief legislation to pass unrelated spending is exactly the kind of thing that has the American people so frustrated with Washington – and rightfully so.

For example, such “emergency” Sandy funding includes $2 million for roof repairs at the Smithsonian in Washington, $4 million for the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and $16 billion that can be used in 47 states for past and future events from 2011 through 2013.

There’s $10 million to buy the FBI new vehicles when it already has plenty of vehicles to repurpose, and $50 million in unrequested funds for the National Park Service.

This kind of spending should be carefully considered on the merits and paid for – not stuffed into emergency legislation to help Sandy disaster victims….”

Congressman King also objected to being called a “country club Republican” since he doesn’t belong to a country club. Tea Party Express apologizes for the mistake. We should have said, “He is a ‘useful idiot’ for the country club Republicans who believe you can create a Republican majority in America by excluding much of the conservative movement.” We stand corrected.