Tea Party Express Endorses Paul Dietzel for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly announcing its endorsement of Paul Dietzel to represent Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Tea Party Express is excited to endorse Paul Dietzel for Congress. At only 28 years old, Paul has amassed an impressive resume, including building an extremely successful technology company from scratch.

“However, the most impressive thing about Paul is not just his background as a successful businessman, but rather his strong desire to change the big-spending culture in Washington D.C. Paul has pledged to take on the special interests in the nation’s capital and to truly represent the people in Louisiana’s 6th district.

“People are tired of career politicians, and Paul Dietzel represents a breath of fresh air that is much needed in Washington D.C. We believe Paul is exactly the type of candidate who will go to Congress and fight to enact pro-growth policies. He supports cutting taxes, reducing the over-burdensome regulatory schemes, repealing Obamacare and balancing our nation’s budget through economic growth and ending wasteful government spending.

“D.C. could use someone with the courage to tackle tough problems if we are ever going to turn the country around, and we believe that Paul is the man to get the job done. Tea Party Express is proud to stand with Paul Dietzel and encourages voters to cast their ballot for him,” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Grassroots leaders:

“As co-owner of an IT business in the area, I believe Paul Dietzel will be the Congressman we need that understands technological innovation and protection of the free markets. This is imperative for the small business community and economic future of our country. The Tea Party community is proud to have Paul Dietzel on the frontlines in the quest for economic stability and limited government.”

—Laura O’Halloran, President and Founder of the Tea Party of Livingston Parish

“Paul Dietzel is the combination we need in Washington— a true conservative, a successful businessman and an energetic leader. He will be a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of Washington D.C. I am confident he will represent the sixth district well.”

—Joyce LaCour, Founder, Greater Baton Rouge Pachyderms