Karen Handel to bring ‘Principles’ to U.S. Senate Race

by Donlyn Turnbull

It’s time to clean up Washington and Karen Handel is exactly the person to do it.  Tea Party Express is proudly supporting Karen Handel for the U.S. Senate race in Georgia.  She is exactly the type of person Washington insiders will fight to keep out of their city and away from their coffers.  And that’s exactly why we need her there.  Please take a moment to learn why we are endorsing Karen Handel in Georgia for the U.S. Senate.


When Karen first arrived on the political scene in 2003 she served as the Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in Georgia.  The county was suffering from a serious budget deficit.  It was at a staggering $100 million dollars in the red when she assumed the office.  Karen immediately began to attack the problem applying appropriate spending cuts and balanced the budget without ever increasing taxes.  She also discovered serious financial ethical violations when it was discovered millions had been misappropriated by the sitting Sheriff.  She led the effort to have him removed and eventually was able to aid in the recovery of almost all that had been lost.

Karen Handel will continue to seek real solutions to some very real problems in this country.  She will apply the same tenacity in D.C. as she has during her tenure in public service in Georgia.

Tea Party Express podcast interview with Karen Handel



Karen served as the first Republican in Georgia elected to Secretary of State.  Her reform once again came swiftly shaking up the status quo of establishment ways. “I couldn’t control the ethics rules of the state legislature, but I did control the ethics within the secretary of state’s office,” she wrote in her book Planned Bullyhood.  “My 1st month in office, we implemented a ban on gifts, abolished the time-honored tradition of nepotism, and even established a one-year cooling-off period during which no former staffer could lobby the agency. And these rules applied to me as well.”

She also fought for and defended voter photo ID laws to be upheld within the state during the 2008 election cycle.  She also wants to “let the light shine in” when it comes to government affairs holding those in charge accountable for their actions and allow the public accessibility to their inner workings.


Karen Handel will bring common sense solutions back to this country.  In Washington, where many decisions and policies are financially driven, she will provide sensible discernment to reform in DC and put a stop to the corruption and political insider games.  She has spoken out against the senselessness of ObamaCare. “What I am against is forcing this mandate on religious organizations,” she said concerning the Affordable Care Act.  “It is a flagrant infringement on religious liberty and conscience. I also question why contraceptives would be available without co-pays when actual life-saving medicines, such as drugs to combat diabetes or to treat cancer, are not.”

Help put common sense back in to Washington and join with us in supporting Karen Handel, a steadfast conservative working to restore American principles and values.