Tea Party Express Endorses Gary Palmer for Congress

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to endorse Gary Palmer in Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Gary Palmer has made a career out of advancing conservative, Tea Party-aligned policies. During the 24 years that he lead the Alabama Policy Institute, Gary elevated debate and advocated for free market, liberty minded solutions. There are very few people running for public office that exhibit Gary’s competency on the issues, and willingness to stand up and lead.

“In politics, there is often too much noise and not enough real, practical policies. Gary will cut through that noise and be an unwavering conservative voice for his constituents. Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Gary Palmer for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District and I would encourage every freedom-loving conservative to get out to vote for him on July 15th!” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Tea Party leaders:

“I’m very pleased that Tea Party Express has decided to reach out to local tea partiers and seek our opinions about the candidates in AL06. As a tea party activist and member of my local GOP, I support Gary Palmer. He has a proven record of standing for conservative principles, as well as the maturity it takes to be a leader and push for solutions rather than sound bites. Gary Palmer is, without a doubt, the conservative in the race.”

-Melody Warbington, Rainy Day Patriots

“Gary Palmer not only has an amazing grasp of the serious problems facing our nation but he has solutions to those problems. Gary’s experience at the Alabama Policy Institute researching and analyzing complex issues along with his ability to execute workable solutions is EXACTLY what we need in Washington. I am confident that Gary Palmer will work hard and be an excellent representative for the constituents of AL06.”

-Becky Gerritson, Rainy Day Patriots