Tea Party Express Applauds RNC Chair Reince Priebus’ “Principles for American Renewal” Speech

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, applauded Chairman Reince Priebus’ speech this morning in a statement by the organization’s Executive Director, Taylor Budowich:

 “As America approaches a critical midterm election, Chairman Priebus delivered a positive message of opportunity through conservative solutions. He is totally correct in stating that Republicans have to be more than opposed to Obama and the Democrats.  Fortunately, led by many of the Tea Party-supported members of Congress, Republicans have been forthcoming with dozens of positive ideas to strengthen the American economy and give more opportunity to all Americans.

 “Priebus outlined the eleven principles that are exactly how Republicans will lead going forward. He highlighted Tea Party-ideas like Senator Rand Paul’s Economic Freedom Zones – a bold solution to combat poverty in the inner cities. In order to bring down energy costs and end America’s reliance of others for oil, Chairman Priebus pointed to Senator Ted Cruz’s Great American Energy Renaissance Act. And to train a 21st century workforce, he highlighted Senator Tim Scott’s SKILLS Act.

 “Americans are tired of the hyper partisan gridlock caused by President Obama and his party’s do-nothing Senate. Despite hundreds of bills passed by the Republican House, they languish in Harry Reid’s Senate. Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress are out of ideas and their plans of “hope and change” have crashed on the reality of their failed promises.

 “The truth is President Obama has failed to make his marks by every measurement. Unfortunately for America, he will be remembered as ‘Obama the Betrayer.’ He was elected after promising more opportunity and prosperity for the middle class, the poor, ethnic minorities, women, elderly and the youth; yet it’s now 2014 and every one of those demographics is worse off. The poor are poorer, safety nets for the elderly are less secure than ever, and opportunity for America’s youth and women continues to contract—all the while the rich have become richer than ever.

 “The only way to bring back American prosperity, innovation, and opportunity is outlined in Chairman Priebus’ eleven principles. It’s through the preservation of the Constitution, the empowerment of our citizens, the unimpeded growth of our economy, and the restoration of the American Dream for everyone—not just the privileged few. We encourage every conservative to pursue the ideas laid out in this speech, and then tackle new problems with bold, conservative solutions.”