Tea Party Express Endorses Senator Pat Roberts

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Senator Pat Roberts for re-election in Kansas’ U.S. Senate Race during a Tea Party unity press conference this morning in Wichita, Kansas.Tea Party Express’ Executive Director said, “Today, Tea Party Express, alongside local Tea Party leaders and activists from across the state of Kansas stand in unity to endorse Senator Pat Roberts. Senator Roberts distinguished record of standing up for Kansas is unquestionable. Voters know exactly where Senator Roberts stands on every key issue and they can rest assured their interests are being represented in the Upper Chamber. The same can’t be said about his opponent though…

 “Throughout the campaign Greg Orman has exhibited traits more commonly found in a meteorologist, not a future U.S. Senator,” Budowich said. “In Kansas, health premiums have skyrocketed under Obamacare and the Senate Democrats continue obstructing any attempts at reform. Nonetheless, when asked about his position on Obamacare or what party he plans to caucus with, all voters get is Orman’s dampened finger to the wind. Kansans deserve someone that can make tough decisions, not another weather vane-politician in a fancy suit.

“This election isn’t about one issue or one candidate. It’s about rejecting the failed vision of President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. For six years the two have worked in lock step to push a dangerous big-government agenda, while rejecting necessary debate. The entire conservative movement is united in putting an end to Harry Reids rein; and for activists in Kansas, that means defending one of Reid’s biggest opponents, Senator Pat Roberts,” Budowich concluded.

 Comments from local Tea Party leaders:

 “Pat Roberts is our absolute best chance of changing Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate.” 

John Stevens, President, Wichita Pachyderm Club

 “I am not going to vote for the Orman in this election because I  know him and his record in the past personally and politically and yes I am going to vote for Roberts because I have known him too personally for years as my Senator.”

Ed Nicholas, Tea Party Activist

 “I am extremely supportive of Pat Roberts’ candidacy. It is very important to the state of Kansas that Pat Roberts be re-elected to the U.S. Senate. Greg Orman does Not represent the views of the grassroots of Kansas.”

Steve Ashcraft

Topeka 912, The Capital City Tea Party

 “We, personally are going to do what we believe is best for the state of Kansas and vote Pat Roberts back into the US Senate.  Please join us in making this happen.”

Linda and Steve McGinnis, Tea Party Grassroots

 “Senator Pat Roberts is “by far” the best candidate who will serve our conservative cause honorably for the next 6 years in the US Senate.  I believe, if you consider his past service to Kansas, his conservative values, his stature with and the respect given to him by his peers, and his moral consciousness, you will vote for him in November.”

Jack Sossoman

Conservative Political Activists, Topeka, Kansas

 “We must re-elect Pat Roberts. Regaining the Senate is VITAL.”

Shanti Gandhi

former KS State Representative, and retired heart surgeon in Topeka.

 “Regaining control of the Senate is vital to stopping the Obama administration’s constant disregard for our Constitution.  The epicenter of this battle is now in Kansas. It’s time for all hands on deck and for our grassroots activists to fight for Senator Pat Roberts. He has served our country and state well in his time, and we need him back in DC. Your help and support would be much appreciated in this battle for the heart of the Senate.”

Ben Sauceda

Commissioner at Kansas Hispanic & Latin American Affairs Commission

Advisor at Sedgwick Teen Age Republicans (STARS)

 “Based on his past history, Greg Orman is a Democrat with liberal philosophies and ideology. Absolutely wrong for Kansas. Senator Pat Roberts’ proven history is our values. Voting Pat Roberts this November.”

Yvonne Starks, Conservative Political Activist

 “I support Pat Roberts 100 percent because he has core beliefs. Orman has already said he will vote with whoever is the majority which leads me to believe that Orman has no core beliefs.   He is available to the highest bidder.”

Beth Tindell, Kansas Tea Party Activist

 “As a conservative wife, mother, grandmother living in Kansas I look to Senator Pat Roberts to help hold the line and protect Kansas interests on the national front.  Kansas CANNOT let Greg Orman continue the leftist liberal agenda bleed into Kansas.  Orman has donated HUGELY to the Democratic party, least of all Obama.  He is hiding under the Independent label.  Pat Roberts has sworn himself into service to the United States Constitution his whole life, first as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and again as our Senator.  I will stand with Pat as he continues to fight to keep our constitutional rights and to keep America free from the encroaching liberal destrutction taking place today.  Join me and other Kansans fighting to keep Senator Roberts in Washington, DC fighting for Kansas and America”

Kate Beecham

Tea Party Community and TEA Teams of Kansas member.

 “I Vote Pat Roberts for Senate in 2014 because I want an experienced military veteran making decisions when the United States has SERIOUS threats from enemies already inside of our borders.  Senator Roberts has served Kansas very well by keeping a strong military presence in the state, which helps keep the economy of the state moving.  He has worked tirelessly to help keep the aviation industry strong in Kansas.  He has worked to keep jobs by those aircraft manufacturers and the hundreds of smaller support businesses. Unlike his opponent, Pat Roberts has pledged to fight against amnesty for illegal aliens and also against any increase in foreign work visas.  This will protect American jobs as he has always fought for.  I want Pat Roberts to continue to be my Senator.  I vote Roberts for Senate.”

Morgan Sharp, Kansas Tea Party Activist

 “I have been working for affordable health insurance options for Kansans for nearly 12 years and fighting Obamacare since before it was called that. I have shared information with Senator Pat Roberta and his staff and found him to be a consistent voice in the Senate to fight Obamacare and the federal regulation of private health insurance. We need Senator Roberts to stay in the Senate and on the Health Committee to help us pass the Health Care Compact to bypass Obamacare in Kansas. Join us in supporting Pat Roberts’ re-election to the US Senate!”

Beverly Gossage, Tea Party Activist