Tea Party Express Endorses Whit Hughes for U.S. Congress in Mississippi

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Whit Hughes for U.S. House in the runoff election to replace retiring Congressman Gregg Harper in Mississippi’s Third Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “President Trump and conservatives in Congress have made historic progress in cleaning up the mess left from the Obama era and restoring a growing economy. However, much work remains, and we need more candidates in Congress like Whit Hughes to join with other Tea Party conservatives and continue the progress being made toward reining in the intrusive federal government and further stimulating economic growth with tax cuts and regulatory reform.

“Whit knows from years of experience how government stifles freedom and economic growth. As Foundation President and Chief Development Officer for Baptist Health Systems, he has seen firsthand how Obamacare has failed patients and driven up costs. Through his experience in the private sector and his tenure as Deputy Director of the Mississippi Development Authority, he understands how the middle class is being squeezed by taxes and excessive regulations that hamper economic growth and send jobs overseas.

“The Tea Party movement came to life in 2009 because ordinary Americans were sick and tired of a federal government that had become too burdensome, too corrupt, and too detrimental to economic growth and personal liberty. While conservatives have gradually regained control in Washington, liberal politicians and entrenched special interests still block conservatives’ reform efforts. Real progress requires a full scale changing of the culture in Washington and holding insider politicians and bureaucrats accountable. That’s why voters elected President Trump, and we need more conservative outsiders like Whit Hughes to help him drain the swamp and put America back on the path to freedom and prosperity,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“Whit has a background in Economic Development and Mississippi needs economic development. This would create jobs and keep our graduates employed in the state. Whit is extremely intelligent. He believes in the Constitution, will support our 2nd amendment, and believes we should secure the border. He is a business man who doesn’t have any baggage. Whit is a man of character, honorable, and honest. He will help Mississippi in more areas than the other candidate. Whit understands what our Founding Fathers intended this country to be.” – Ed Fuchess, Grassroots Mississippi

“Whit Hughes is a strong Christian, Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-Secure Borders, Pro-Life candidate. His depth of knowledge on the issues and the concerns of the people of Mississippi is impressive. But not only does he have a depth of knowledge, Whit also has a plan of action, which is why Whit stands head and shoulders above the rest.” – Rich Huffstutler, Mississippi Grassroots

“I really like Whit. He is a really good guy. He is a good Christian man and demonstrates the Christian values I want to instill in my children. I know he will take those same values to D.C. As a Real Estate Broker, I understand the need for economic development in Mississippi and Whit has an extensive background in just that. Whit is a hard worker, with integrity and will go to D.C. and stand for what he believes in. Whit won’t be influenced by outsiders and outside money. Whit has worked in the Healthcare Industry and understands the changes that need to be made for affordable care and excellent care for all people, and he is passionate about providing excellent healthcare for our veterans. Whit will create jobs. People in Mississippi want to stay in the state but have to leave to find good jobs. Whit has solutions to fix this. For all these reasons, Whit has my full support to be the next Congressman from Mississippi.” – Brent McMillian, Mississippi Grassroots Activist