Tea Party Express National Tour Launches from Napa, CA on Saturday!

“Reclaiming America” bus tour will hold tea party rallies in 29 cities, span 17 days

The Tea Party Express is making final preparations to launch their fifth national tour that will bring conservative rallies to 29 cities across the country. Billed “Reclaiming America,” the latest tour will feature conservative singers, speakers, and entertainers, as well as local elected officials and candidates. The tour will help put a spotlight on the failed policies of the Obama administration, and call for a return to fiscal responsibility, more efficient government, and free market principles.
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Recall Battles Finally Over in Wisconsin – Tea Party Has Won the War

Jobs return to Wisconsin; majority of voters oppose recall of Governor Walker

With the final recall elections yesterday, the Wisconsin state senate recalls have come to an end. The Tea Party Express put a coalition of conservative groups together to help fight the battles, and is pleased that the message of fiscal responsibility has won the war.
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Obama Should Copy Tea Party Express Message, Not Tea Party Bus Tour!

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express accepts the flattery from President Barack Obama for conducting a bus tour across the American heartland. As they say, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”
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Tea Party Express Celebrates Resounding WI Senate Victories!

Voters Reject Union Bullying and Choose to Restore Common Sense!

The Tea Party Express is celebrating state senate victories in Wisconsin today, with election wins for State Senators Harsdorf, Cowles, Darling, and Olsen after conducting a statewide tour rallying support for Republican state senators last weekend.
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Tea Party Express Gets Surprise Visit from State Senator Olson & Congressman Ribble at “Restoring Common Sense” Tour

The Tea Party Express held rallies today in Fond du Lac and New London today for the “Restoring Common Sense” Wisconsin pre-election tour today.
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“Restoring Common Sense” Tour Holds Three Rallies Today in Support of Conservative State Senators

Tea party rallies held today in Fond du Lac, New London, Merrill

The Tea Party Express continues the “Restoring Common Sense” tour today with three events rallying support for fiscal responsibility and elected officials who have the courage to make tough decisions.
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After Successful Launch, “Restoring Common Sense” Pre-Election Tour Surges Forward!

Conservative rallies held today in Kenosha, Milwaukee

The Tea Party Express continues the “Restoring Common Sense” tour today with two events rallying support for Republican State Senators who have come under attack by outside union groups.
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Conservative Groups Join Tea Party Express “Restoring Common Sense” Wisconsin Tour!

Coalition now contains many local and national organizations

The Tea Party Express announced today further details on a fast growing coalition of conservative groups who have signed on to support the “Restoring Common Sense” pre-election tour throughout Wisconsin August 5th – 8th.
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Tea Party Express Statement on Senate Boehner Plan Vote

The Tea Party Express issued this statement following the decision by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to table the Boehner Plan.
“With tonight’s vote, Senator Harry Reid has demonstrated his commitment to blocking any and all plans containing the slightest hint of fiscal responsibility.
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Tea Party Express Statement on Raising the Debt Ceiling

The Tea Party Express, considered one of the most effective and aggressive national tea party groups, today issued the following statement from Chief Strategist Sal Russo:
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Tea Party Express Releases Schedule and Route of National Tour

Coast-to-Coast Route Focuses on Early Presidential Primary States

The Tea Party Express announced today the full route and schedule of the upcoming national tea party bus tour. Titled “Reclaiming America,” this is the 5th coast-to-coast tour for the group, and will feature 29 tea party rallies in as many cities with extra time spent in states having early presidential primaries.
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Tea Party Express Launching Fifth National Tour This Summer!

Coast-to-Coast Route Will Focus on Early Presidential Primary States

The Tea Party Express announced today the launch of a national bus tour that will feature 29 tea party rallies across the country. This marks the fifth such tour by the group, whose rallies have been described as “a rolling 4th of July show” and feature conservative singers, speakers, candidates, and celebrities.
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Tea Party Express Announces Network of Debate Co-Sponsors!

Network of Local Tea Party Groups Join as Co-Sponsors for CNN/Tea Party Express Republican Presidential Debate

The Tea Party Express makes a major announcement today regarding the upcoming Tea Party presidential debate, hosted by CNN and Tea Party Express in Tampa, Florida, on September 12th, 2011.
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