ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Three Conservatives for Congress in Ohio

For Immediate Release: October 5, 2020

SACRAMENTO, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of three outstanding conservative Congressmen for reelection in Ohio: Steve Chabot in the First District, Mike Turner in the 10th District, and Troy Balderson in the 12th District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “We are excited to endorse three conservative Congressman, all native Ohioans, who have dedicated their careers to making government accountable to taxpayers, reducing wasteful spending, and growing the economy. With the radical left pushing hard for socialist-style programs that will bankrupt the federal government and destroy our economic wellbeing, it is critical that we reelect hardworking conservatives like Steve Chabot, Mike Turner, and Troy Balderson as bulwarks against the Democrats’ dangerous agenda.

1st District: “Throughout his long career in public service, Steve Chabot has consistently fought to eliminate wasteful spending and reduce the excessive tax burdens on hard-working families and entrepreneurs. He served his community for almost a decade as a Cincinnati City Councilman and Hamilton County Commissioner before being elected to Congress in the Republican Revolution of 1994. As Chairman of the Small Business Committee, Steve has been a tireless advocate for reducing the burdensome regulations that increase the cost of doing business and kill jobs. He is frequently rated by conservative groups as one of the most pro-taxpayer members of Congress.

10th District: “A small business owner and attorney specializing in business law, Mike Turner understands how out-of-control government stifles economic growth. During his two terms as mayor of Dayton, he produced a balanced budget every single year, successfully promoted private sector economic development and job creation, and reduced police response times by 40 percent. In Congress, Mike’s focus on job creation and national security brought more than 10,000 jobs to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the largest employment site in Ohio. He has voted against every single ill-conceived bailout that Congress has proposed, supported President Trump’s successful tax cuts, and fought to hold the federal government accountable for its waste and inefficiency.

12th District: “As both a State Senator and a Member of Congress, Troy Balderson has demonstrated a commitment to limited government and economic growth. In the State Senate, he voted to cut taxes by $5 billion, eliminate Ohio’s staggering debt, and replenish the state’s rainy-day fund. During his tenure, 500,000 jobs were created in Ohio, and the unemployment rate dropped to below five percent, demonstrating what happens when government gets out of the way and lets individuals and entrepreneurs keep and invest more of their own money. Troy’s priorities in Congress have included further reducing regulatory burdens that hamper our economy and ensuring businesses affected by Covid-19 have the resources they need to safely reopen without government interference.

“History has proven that over taxation and over regulation lead to anemic economic growth and keep hard working Americans from achieving their American Dream. Yet while our economy is struggling due to the ongoing pandemic, the Democrats are pushing for the same tired agenda of tax increases, bloated government programs, and ridiculous regulations that will only lead to economic disaster. This election is a choice between the economic freedom that made America great or repressive socialist ideas that have failed everywhere they have been tried. Ohioans can be sure that Congressmen Steve Chabot, Mike Turner, and Troy Balderson will always stand on the side of freedom and opportunity and will fight to restore American greatness,” Russo concluded.

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