Tell the Republican Presidential Candidates to Stop Attacking Each Other!

Dear Speaker Gingrich, Congressman Paul, Governor Romney, and Senator Santorum,

While primaries are a healthy process of picking candidates, conservatives need to focus on defeating Barack Obama this November instead of attacking each other. Personal attacks on fellow Republicans do nothing to advance the conservative solutions of free markets and limited government. To be successful in the 2012 election, conservatives must unite together for the common goal of stopping Obama’s assault on our freedom and liberty.

Obama is extremely vulnerable, and the American public has rightfully lost faith in his Presidency. The country is facing high unemployment, record deficits and a growing government – our next President needs a plan to restore American prosperity. We urge you to shift your focus to growing the economy and defeating Barack Obama!


Status of the Walker Recall

It has been very disconcerting to watch the Recall of Gov. Walker unfold because our worst fears of the unions’ devious strategy are coming to fruition. Back on January 17th, the unions submitted what they said was over 1,000,000 signatures to Recall Governor Walker – far exceeding the 540,000 needed. However, reports show that this number may be an exaggeration.
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Feb 27, 2012: The Tea Party Express Hour with Amy Kremer

A special show to commemorate the 3 year anniversary of the Tea Party movement.

Jason Hoyt was on the original conference calls that launched the Tea Party movement three years go today and co-founded The Central Florida Tea Party
Eric Odom is one of the founding members of the Tea Party movement and the driving force behind

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A Movement is Born

Three years ago today, the first tea parties took place around the country!

One week earlier, Rick Santelli had a rant on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. His rant went viral on YouTube and throughout social media. A group of conservatives came together through Twitter the following day and planned for tea parties one week later.
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