The economic policies advanced by President Trump and Congressional Republicans have led to one of the greatest economies in American history – creating wealth, jobs, and economic opportunity like never before. 
SACRAMENTO, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, urges supporters and those concerned with the economic health of the nation to vote enthusiastically for President Trump and Congressional Republicans so that job creation, economic opportunity and wealth continue to expand for everyone.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “With the election tomorrow and polls showing tight races up and down the ticket, every vote could make a difference in re-electing President Trump, securing a Republican Senate and re-taking the House from the abysmal leadership of Nancy Pelosi. With encouraging signs that a vaccine is around the corner to address COVID-19 and better therapeutics that have greatly reduced the death rate, it is essential that voters look to which public officials can keep the economy fired up.

Tea Party Express was founded in 2009 over concerns that government was getting out of control and an effective political voice was needed outside of the political parties. We decided to focus on economic issues because we believed that they were the most serious problems facing the country, and it would be possible to elect a bi-partisan coalition to deal with such issues. We were proud to stand for four simple principles:

Reduce the size, cost and intrusiveness of government
Stop raising our taxes
Cease out-of-control spending
Bring back American prosperity

“While the record of the last four years has not been perfect and substantial work is still needed to reduce spending and account for our national debt, President Trump and Republicans have been successful in unleashing a strong economy that has benefited all Americans. Much like President Ronald Reagan, President Trump had to settle for “half-a-loaf” to get the economy booming. It is time to come back for the other half of the loaf, bring down federal spending and end the constant expansion of the federal debt. We believe Trump and Republicans will take this charge seriously in the upcoming years. 

“During the last four years, we have seen some remarkable progress toward generating a strong economy, which has extended the hope of opportunity to millions of Americans who were previously left behind. The foremost accomplishment was the comprehensive tax reform legislation that successfully lowered taxes for Americans and made American business competitive in the international arena. Combined with the momentous success in the deregulation of unnecessary and burdensome government, the tax policies have produced more jobs than in American history, including the lowest unemployment rate for minority groups than ever achieved before. We need this success to continue over the next four years and not return to the deliberate slow growth policies of the Obama-Biden years.

“Much of the Tea Party Express’ economic views are in concert with the late Republican leader Jack Kemp; Trump and Republicans took a page from him in creating Opportunity Zones in hard-pressed economic areas to give opportunity to Americans who have struggled in the past. Jesse Jackson once wisely proclaimed that ‘you can’t have capitalism without capital.’ He was totally correct, which is why it is so critical to bring economic stimulus into the inner cities and other parts of the country that have historically underperformed economically.

“Trade is another area in which President Trump has led through the renegotiation of trade deals to better benefit American producers and consumers. Previously, we were ignoring our changing foreign policy goals and maintaining the status quo of trade deals that no longer served American interests. One of the huge problems in Washington is the inability to change as circumstances warrant; it is a status quo system. That’s why it is so important to periodically elect a disrupter like Reagan or Trump, who are not afraid to voice opinions contrary to the Washington establishment.
“There is much for which to applaud Republicans and Trump, including getting serious about protecting our border and getting America to energy independence so that we are not at the whim of foreign nations and dictators who are not our friends. It is frightening to listen to the Democratic and Biden proposals that would put America back in jeopardy with pie-in-the-sky environmental wish lists. It is also disgraceful that Democrats are unwilling to address the issue of immigration so that we have a legal system that meets our economic needs and protects the jobs at the lower end of the economic ladder that are most likely to be taken by an illegal immigrant. 

“Those policies for the last four years must be continued now more than ever, and we are confident the American people will choose leaders wisely so we can continue to get the country back on track,” Russo concluded.
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