ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses John James for Congress in Michigan

For Immediate Release: July 13, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of John James for the primary election in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District.  

John James, Congressional Candidate Michigan

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “We are pleased to support John James for Congress because he is a conservative outsider with solid business experience who isn’t afraid to stand up and challenge the status-quo and fight on behalf of free market principles that make our country thrive.  

John James has earned the coveted endorsement of President Donald Trump as well as The National Federation of Independent Business, The Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC), FreedomWorks for America, and a host of other conservative leaders and organizations. 

John James Congressional Candidate

“After graduating from the West Point Academy, John bravely served our nation on the front lines as a Ranger-qualified aviation officer.  He served multiple tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and boldly led two platoons in combat operations.

John James, Congressional Candidate

“Once he finished fighting to defend our American values abroad, John took the fight back to Michigan and went on to work in his family’s supply chain business – serving as Director of Operations and eventually president and CEO.   He was able to use his talent to grow the business, create jobs for hard-working Americans and pour back into the economy.  

John James, Congressional Candidate

“With our nation’s skyrocketing inflation rate and supply chain crisis, we need commonsense conservatives like John James who understand economics and have the business experience to get America back on track. 

“Given John’s faithful service to our country and ability to create jobs and advocate for free market principles, I’m confident he will champion our Tea Party principles to cut taxes, reduce the size of government, and stop runaway spending in Washington, D.C.  John James is a solid conservative who will bring his business knowledge and strong work ethic to Congress, and we are pleased to give him our endorsement,” Russo concluded.

John James for Congress

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“I support John James for what he stands for. I’m a Republican and so is he, and we need to have the House taken back by Republicans so that we can get things straightened out in Washington. John comes with integrity. He’s a proven businessman and he has the sense of urgency. He knows what he’s doing.”   – Dave Deacon, Grassroots Activist 

“I have supported John James throughout his political career and look forward to him being elected in Congress. He is a good man, he’s a great businessman, and he treats people fairly and with all due respect.” – Terry Zach, Grassroots Activist

I like John James because he cares about the people in Michigan. He really cares about the people in this community. He cares about whether or not they are safe, he cares about whether or not they have what they need to live, he cares that they have good jobs. He takes care of them. He goes out and he’s among them. He’s created jobs and he keeps creating jobs and shows them how they can be more successful. I think we should all support John James to help make our schools and our life and our community a better place. Michigan will be the center of the world, the heart of the United States and the greatest place to live when John James gets elected.” – Lana Mangiapane, Grassroots Activist 

“I think John James is a good candidate because he is very open about his faith and I like that he believes government doesn’t need to be this large or have this much power. I like his views on regulations and that government should get out of the way. He is very humble. I love that he does not come from a politician background.” – Bethany Schnur, Grassroots Activist

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