Tea Party Express Praises Wisconsin Vote

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer issued the following statement today, regarding breaking news in the ongoing Wisconsin budget drama:

“The Tea Party Express would like to congratulate Governor Scott Walker and the WI Senate Republicans for holding strong to the principles they were elected to uphold. In moments of great importance such as this, they have shown true leadership, maintained their integrity, and stood firm for what is right.

“Under tremendous pressure from union bosses, who have become irrelevant other than in their unquenchable thirst for power, Gov. Walker held fast and did what was best for the people of Wisconsin. This is a victory not only for the state, but for the nation, as many states now face their own budget battles, and will be forced to put a stop to union bullying that has become almost commonplace.

“We at the Tea Party Express hope the politicians in Washington take note of what happened today in Wisconsin, and draw inspiration from an elected leader who refused to bow to the political pressure of his far-left opponents. We wish Gov. Walker and the citizens of Wisconsin well, knowing that they have taken an important step towards fiscal responsibility and economic growth.”