Tea Party Express Endorses Richard Mourdock for US Senate; Vows to Defeat Longest Serving GOP Senator

Tea Party Express held a press conference today at the campaign headquarters of Richard Mourdock, where the group presented him with a campaign contribution and gave an official endorsement for his bid to replace Republican Senator Dick Lugar.

The Tea Party Express announced Senator Lugar as a top target for electoral defeat, citing his history of votes for the TARP bailout, bailout of Fannie and Freddie, vote against banning earmarks,and repeated votes against cutting wasteful government spending coupled with his attitude of disdain for the tea party movement.

“Richard Mourdock is a true conservative with a solid record of standing up for fiscal responsibility and Constitutionally limited government. He understands the importance of putting an end to Washington’s wild spending and skyrocketing debt. We at the Tea Party Express are proud to endorse Richard Mourdock for US Senate, and will work hard to ensure victory!” Said Amy Kremer, Chair of Tea Party Express.

Treasurer Mourdock said, “I appreciate the endorsement of TEA Party Express and the support of their leaders Amy Kremer and Sal Russo. It is a reflection of the momentum and strength our campaign continues to gain on a daily basis.”

The conservative group has a reputation for bringing significant resources to aid the candidates they endorse. The effort to support Mourdock for Senate will include TV and Radio buys, as well as efforts on the ground in coordination with local tea party organizers.