Herman Cain Tells It Like It Is in Tea Party SOTU Response

On January 24th, I had the pleasure of listening to Herman Cain give the Tea Party State of the Union Speech. The contrast between Herman’s speech and Barack Obama’s State of the Union was astounding. While Barack Obama called for more spending and more government, Herman truthfully told the American public that “the State of the Union is not good.”

Herman made it clear that the Tea Party movement is much bigger than the media portrays. Anybody that believes in lower taxes, limited government, free markets and individual responsibility is a Tea Party member. In his speech, Herman pointed out that the Tea Party is smart enough to see through Obama’s deceit and corruption. The ideas and vision to restore America and put the economy back on track come from the Tea Party movement.

In contrast, President Obama has done nothing but increase the size of government while damaging the economy. America is facing a serious debt crisis and the bailouts from President Obama along with his massive budget deficits have left every citizen with over $50,000 in debt. That is unsustainable!

Herman pointed out that the American people do not want more top-down bureaucracy from Washington like ObamaCare. We want common sense solutions that make America great! Ideas like reforming the tax code and not picking winners through government are not radical. Furthermore, taking the steps needed to balance the budget and create energy independence should not be met with hostility from Washington elites.

Despite what the political class says, Herman boldy proclaimed that the Tea Party movement is fundamentally changing the political landscape. No longer will the public tolerate attacks on business and freedom. As Herman said, “We the people are coming!” We are an army of Davids fighting Goliath and we will win!

Click HERE to watch Herman Cain deliver the 2012 Tea Party Response to the State of the Union Address