Tea Party Express Tells the Super Committee – No New Taxes!

Make the Necessary Cuts

Sacramento, CA – The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, better known as the Super Committee, was a big mistake.  It is time to reign in the Republican members who are trying to appease the liberal Democrats by raising our taxes and limiting cuts in excessive federal spending.

Reports that the Republican members of the Committee are open to a framework of tax increases to replace spending cuts is appalling.  The election of 2010 was a total repudiation of the “tax and spend” mentality that has brought America to a fiscal crisis with excessive spending and an out-of-control national debt.

“We need tax reform that simplifies the tax code and promotes job creation, economic growth, and prosperity.  That growth will produce additional revenues more surely and equitably than any tax increase,” said Tea Party Chairman Amy Kremer.

The Democrats on the Committee include the Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the former Chairman of the House Democratic Campaign Committee.  It is clear that they desire this Committee to pander to the liberal constituency groups rather than the taxpayers in America.

It is time to pull the blanket off of this effort to hoodwink the American people once again with a faulty budget plan that will only aggravate our economic problems.  Cutting back the intrusive federal government, curtailing spending, enacting pro-growth economic policies with low taxes and a less oppressive regulatory environment and erasing our national debt are the only answers to our problems..

“We urge the Super Committee to end the charade of attempting to raise our taxes, while avoiding the necessary cuts to government spending, and demand that they do the job they were appointed to do.  Republicans and Democrats alike will face angry voters in 2012 if the Washington deal-making does not stop,” continued Kremer.