President’s Likeability Eroding

Obama as gone from “hope and change” to “Forrest Gump” to “Cruella de Vil”

Sacramento, CA – Chief Strategist Sal Russo of Tea Party Express said, “President Barack Obama’s most recent false and baseless attack-campaign waged on Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital will mark the start of a steady decline of the President’s likeability.

“In 2008 Obama’s undeniable charisma and message of unifying the country led him to a strong electoral victory. Now, his “hope and change” has disintegrated into contentious politics and an inept handling of the economic woes that have befallen the country. With a Democratic Congress for two years and a Democratic Senate for all four years, his policies of high spending and skyrocketing national debts have been a colossal failure and are inhibiting the economic growth we need to restore prosperity.

“Despite his policy blunders, his likeability left him with a Forrest Gump-like perception, somewhat hapless in handling the job of President, but at least likeable. Voters saw him as an honest man who they could relate to and wanted to support, even though the majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of the economy.

Now, with this recent smear campaign against Romney’s role at Bain Capital exposed as horrifically false and deceptive, voters will begin questioning the President’s integrity and likeability, wondering if Obama’s true character is finally shining through. He is looking much more like Cruella de Vil than Forrest Gump – neither capable of governing, but at least one was likeable.

“The Obama campaign is floundering with a stagnant economy, failed policies, and no vision for the future. Obama was elected as a confident and ambitious visionary, but it is becoming increasingly apparent to voters that he has not delivered on his promises of getting the country back on its feet.

“When Jimmy Carter and his ruinous economic policies were about to be rejected by the American people in 1980, the President desperately tried to change the subject by focusing on a vicious anti-Reagan campaign. It failed, and Reagan was elected in a landslide. Obama is now using the Carter playbook, and it will bring an identical result – a resounding victory for his opponent. Carter lost because he could not articulate a vision and plan for the future, just like Barack Obama, and the consequences will be the same type of defeat,” Russo concluded.

Tea Party Express is the largest tea party political action committee in the nation. The organization aims its activity at reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government by electing pro-growth fiscal conservatives.