Tea Party Express Proudly Endorses Kerry Bentivolio

Livonia, MI – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, proudly announced their endorsement of Kerry Bentivolio today in Livonia, MI.

Bentivolio has been a strong supporter of the tea party movement and enjoyed much of their support in his primary campaign. An activist for Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign in 1980 to speaking at the Tea Party Express rally earlier this year, Bentivolio has been engaged in the political process to bring needed reform to Washington.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “Kerry Bentivolio is a strong constitutional conservative that is ready to bring a fresh perspective to Washington. His experience in the military, education, and business give Kerry a real-world perspective that is in short supply in Washington.

“He understands that in order for the economy to grow, Washington needs to get out of the way. That’s why one of his top priorities is reforming the tax code so it’s flatter and simpler. He also has recognized that thanks to the politicians in D.C., our federal government has run amuck and now lives outside the limits laid out in our constitution. It’s time we start reining in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government.

“Kerry’s steadfast commitment to restoring the constitution and implementing pro-growth free market policies make him a perfect candidate to represent Michigan’s Congressional District 11,” Kremer concluded.